Tuesday Night Takeover

Blaze Commando Burn Pauper EDH

“I am the fire that cleanses the world!”

Art:Blaze Commando by James Ryman

Blaze Commando is a very cool card from Dragon’s Maze that is an absolutely awesome PDH commander. While there is the struggle of our commander costing five, we benefit heavily when it comes out. The creature production goes crazy. This deck is not great against most aggressive decks since they often outpace us, but excels against midrange and token strategies. This deck is burn-heavy and is, in my opinion, what you would expect from a Boros deck.

The Deck:

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Blaze Commando Burn!

Commander (1)
Blaze Commando

Creatures (14)
Anointer Priest
Erebor Flamesmith
Firebrand Archer
Gold Myr
Iron Myr
Kessig Flamebreather
Ornithopter of Paradise
Veteran Armorer
Court Street Denizen
Unruly Catapult
Veteran Swordsmith
Wildfire Elemental
Gempalm Avenger

Instants (31)
Big Score
Blazing Salvo
Charge of the Mites
Crib Swap
Dawn Charm
Fiery Temper
Fire Prophecy
Flame-Blessed Bolt
Generous Gift
Gut Shot
Kellan’s Lightblades
Lava Dart
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Strike
Magma Jet
Magma Spray
Orcish Cannonade
Piercing Light
Reality Hemorrhage
Searing Blaze
Shredded Sails
Smash to Smithereens
Thrill of Possibility
Unexpected Windfall

Sorceries (11)
Barrage of Boulders
Blazing Volley
Chain Lightning
End the Festivities
Kytheon’s Tactics
Rift Bolt
Righteous Charge
Tormenting Voice

Artifacts (6)
Arcane Signet
Boros Signet
Spare Supplies
Bonder’s Ornament
Boros Locket
Fellwar Stone

Enchantments (2)
Impact Tremors
Raid Bombardment
Lands (35)
Command Tower
Drifting Meadow
Dwarven Mine
Evolving Wilds
Forgotten Cave
Hidden Courtyard
Hidden Volcano
15 Mountain
Sacred Peaks
Secluded Steppe
The Autonomous Furnace
The Fair Basilica

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Why Blaze Commando?

Blaze Commando is an expensive but effective commander. Since we are a burn deck, we can easily trigger him and generate many tokens. Beyond burning our opponents out, these are the main ways we end games, primarily by swinging wide with our hasty soldiers. Blaze Commando is a little high-costed and susceptible to removal, but if we can stick him for a few turns, we are usually pretty well set up.

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! I also highlighted some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Since our tokens are the main creatures we have on the board Anointer Priest can position us very well against aggressive strategies and who is going to say no to more life. Since the tokens we create are Boros, we can use Court Street Denizen as a great piece of crowd control. We also have some strong damage dealers for all of our spellslinging, like Guttersnipe, Erebor Flamesmith, and Unruly Catapult. Veteran Armorer and Veteran Swordsmith are two awesome cards that make all of our creatures better. Wildfire Elemental is one of my favorite creatures in the deck since it can get out of hand quickly and allow us to hit for huge damage.


We have classic burn spells like Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike, as well as other cool options like Fiery Temper and Searing Blaze. We also have some removal at instant speed like Generous Gift and Crib Swap, which can be great ways to take out key commanders/creatures of our opponents. Since we have a ton of tokens Outnumber can kill pretty much any creature or commander in the format. Smash to Smithereens and Shredded Sails are great pieces of artifact removal with the ability to deal some damage on top. Big Score and Unexpected Windfall are both great card draw spells for the deck. Even though they are a little expensive, they are very strong.


My two favorite sorceries are Righteous Charge and Kytheon's Tactics, which are great ways for us to swing out once we have a ton of tokens on the board. Barrage of Boulders is a great card to pair with our buffs since our opponents cannot block at all. Chain Lightning and Rift Bolt are two very strong pieces of burn that also trigger Blaze Commando. End the Festivities is a great card against other token strategies and a great way to trigger Blaze Commando.


Being in Boros means we don’t have a ton of ramp so we have to rely on our artifact package. Arcane Signet, Bonder's Ornament, Boros Signet. We also have Boros Locket, which is a little bit more expensive rock, but we can sac it later to draw a card that can be strong. Fellwar Stone rounds out our ramp package, and even if it is used as colorless mana, it can be quite strong. Speaking of drawing cards, we have Spare Supplies, which is a great way to grab a couple of cards.


Impact Tremors is a great way to whittle down and burn out our opponents from all the tokens we create. Since we create many tokens, we have a bunch of 1/1s hanging around, so Raid Bombardment is absolutely perfect for the deck and a great way to whittle down our opponents even when they can block all of our tokens.

Land Base:

We are a Boros deck, so we don’t have a ton of draw. Our land base actually contains arguably the most draw in our deck! We, of course, have cycling lands like Drifting Meadow and Forgotten Cave, which are cheap ways to get a card in a pinch. We also have The Fair Basilica and The Autonomous Furnace, which can be strong lands we sacrifice later in the game to get some extra cards. We also have Hidden Courtyard and Hidden Volcano, which can be late-game ways to get some free cards. Beyond that, we have staples like Command Tower and Evolving Wilds and a ton of basics to round out our landbase.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Strong against token strategies or any deck that has a lot of one-health creatures
  • A strong amount of creature production once we have our commander out
  • There is a decent amount of card draw for being in Boros

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Can be slow-going until we get our commander out
  • Weak to aggressive strategies
  • Weak to commander hate, mostly removal

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops in the deck. We can use a lot of our burn and removal to control the board and generate a ton of creatures with our commander. It’s important to remember that we have a ton of burn in the deck for both creatures and players, and they can be great ways to whittle down our opponents and control the board while making a ton of tokens. We don’t have a ton of payoffs beyond constantly attacking, but we do have Righteous Charge to buff up our creatures fully.


Blaze Commando is a deck I have been messing around with and testing in Pauper for a long time. After extensive testing with the TNT crew this past week, I thought it was in the perfect place for a Sunday release. Blaze Commando is a lot of fun and a great way to introduce a newer player into a spellslinger-style strategy without many of the intricacies of blue. This deck is not CPDH, but can be strong and competitive at the right table! Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!