Tuesday Night Takeover
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Arcade's Wall

Commander (1)
Arcades, the Strategist

Creatures (39)
Shield Sphere
Perimeter Captain
Resolute Watchdog
Steel Wall
Wall of Runes
Angelic Wall
Crashing Drawbridge
Fog Bank
Fortified Rampart
Jeskai Barricade
Overgrown Battlement
Stalwart Shield-Bearers
Sunscape Familiar
Surge Engine
Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive
Wall of Blossoms
Wall of Essence
Wall of Glare
Wall of Junk
Wall of Omens
Wall of Tanglecord
Wall of Tears
Axebane Guardian
Guard Gomazoa
Hover Barrier
Rigo, Streetwise Mentor
Wall of Denial
Wall of Ice
Wall of Nets
Weathered Sentinels
Jungle Barrier
Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa
Tree of Redemption
Wall of Stolen Identity
Wingmantle Chaplain
Towering Titan
Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus

Planeswalkers (2)
Huatli, the Sun’s Heart
Teyo, the Shieldmage

Spells (18)
Path to Exile
Valor Made Real
Cyclonic Rift
Dovin’s Veto
Heroic Intervention
Tower Defense
Ascend from Avernus
Bar the Door
Beast Within
Generous Gift
Akroma’s Will
Fell the Mighty
Wave of Reckoning
Approach of the Second Sun
Dusk // Dawn

Artifacts (8)
Sol Ring
Azorius Signet
Lightning Greaves
Simic Signet
Chromatic Lantern
Coat of Arms
Vanquisher’s Banner

Enchantments (10)
Assault Formation
Brave the Sands
Primal Rage
The Birth of Meletis
Ghostly Prison
High Alert
Guardian Project
Angelic Chorus
Privileged Position
Lands (22)
Barkchannel Pathway
Breeding Pool
Canopy Vista
Command Tower
Deserted Beach
Glacial Fortress
Hallowed Fountain
Hinterland Harbor
Overgrown Farmland
Seaside Citadel
Spara’s Headquarters
Sunpetal Grove
Terramorphic Expanse