Tuesday Night Takeover
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Link to Article Here: Captain N’ghathrod Dimir

50$ Captain N'ghathrod!

Commander (1)
Captain N’ghathrod

Creatures (31)
Ruin Crab
Dauthi Horror
Hunted Horror
Wharf Infiltrator
Chasm Skulker
Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar
Grell Philosopher
Imperious Mindbreaker
Phyrexian Rager
Plague Spitter
Woe Strider
Zellix, Sanity Flayer
Intellect Devourer
Lazav, Dimir Mastermind
Overcharged Amalgam
Ravenous Chupacabra
Shadow Kin
Solemn Simulacrum
Consuming Aberration
Mind Flayer
Nemesis of Reason
Psychosis Crawler
Sludge Monster
Dark Hatchling
Wrexial, the Risen Deep
Sepulchral Primordial
Terisian Mindbreaker

Spells (21)
Black Sun’s Twilight
Dread Summons
Drown in the Loch
Maddening Cacophony
Reality Shift
Fractured Sanity
Psychic Strike
Read the Bones
Thought Collapse
Unseal the Necropolis
Crippling Fear
Fact or Fiction
Grisly Spectacle
Memory Plunder
Syphon Mind
Extract from Darkness
Mystic Confluence
Curtains’ Call
Cut Your Losses
In Garruk’s Wake

Artifacts (10)
Sol Ring
Arcane Signet
Dimir Signet
Mind Stone
Dimir Keyrune
Midnight Clock
Trepanation Blade
Whispersilk Cloak
Keening Stone

Enchantments (1)
Reconnaissance Mission
Lands (36)
Ash Barrens
Bojuka Bog
Choked Estuary
Contaminated Aquifer
Creeping Tar Pit
Darkslick Shores
Darkwater Catacombs
Dimir Aqueduct
Dismal Backwater
Hostile Hostel
Myriad Landscape
Port of Karfell
River of Tears
Sunken Hollow
12 Swamp
Tainted Isle
Temple of Deceit
Terramorphic Expanse
Underground River