Tuesday Night Takeover

Dorinthea $10 Hatchets Commoner

“I do not tolerate cowardice.”

Art:Dorinthea by Lius Lasahido

If you have been following Classic Constructed at all, I’m sure you know about the popularity and the resurgence of hatchet Dorinthea, which is a pretty strong deck, as someone who has been enjoying that deck a ton but wanted to take it to another format I have been having an absolute blast with hatchet Dori within commoner, I love how cheap and efficient this deck is. Being able to swing and hit hard poises us quite well with most of the decks within the format, and overall, it’s just a ton of fun; without further adieu, let’s get it!


Our primary game plan is to swing and keep on swinging. While we do have some strong three blocks in the deck, and blocking is absolutely an option if an opponent is chipping in for low damage and we have a good hand, we typically tend to sit back and no block and have a big turn when we are able to go. I think this deck’s game plan is quite strong and has an absolute ton of support because of the high density of zero-cost cards within the deck. Being able to go off and deal a ton of damage with very few resources is one of the huge strengths of the deck. Dorinthea’s ability is quite strong, and because of the multiple ways in the deck to give go-again, we are able to deal a ton of damage throughout the turn.

The Deck:

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
Hatchet of Body
Hatchet of Mind
Ironrot Helm
Blossom of Spring
Gallantry Gold
Refraction Bolters
The Deck:
Pitch 1:
2x Agile Engagement (Red)
2x Blade Runner (Red)
2x Engaged Swiftblade (Red)
2x Hit and Run (Red)
2x Ironsong Response (Red)
2x Lead with Speed (Red)
2x Push Forward (Red)
2x Second Swing (Red)
2x Sharpen Steel (Red)
2x Thrust (Red)
2x Vigorous Engagement (Red)
Pitch 2:
2x Blade Runner (Yel)
2x Hit and Run (Yel)
Pitch 3:
2x Blade Flash (Blu)
2x Blade Runner (Blu)
2x Hit and Run (Blu)
2x Lead with Speed (Blu)
2x Puncture (Blu)
2x Push Forward (Blu)
2x Sharpen Steel (Blu)
Pitch 1:
2x Sink Below (Red)
Pitch 3:
2x Brandish (Blu)
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Gloves

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Deck Stats:

Attack Cards:

Blade Runner (Red) is a very strong card for the deck and one of the best attack reactions that we have, the red version is extremely aggressive and the yel version is quite a nice buff as well. Ironsong Response (Red) is a great attack reaction that is free and the condition required to get the buff is quite easy to do and allows us to keep the big hatchet swings going. Blade Flash (Blu) is not only a great pitch card but more go-again is always amazing and continuing to attack with our swords is always very strong. Puncture (Blu) is very good against other decks focused on equipment because our opponents may want to use their equipment to block and the piercing is amazing for making that much worse. Vigorous Engagement (Red) is perfect after a couple of hatchet attacks because if an opponent doesn’t want to take damage they have to give us a vigor token which is quite good.

Non-Attack Cards:

Engaged Swiftblade (Red) is one of my favorite non-attack actions within the deck the +3 buff is huge and giving our opponents the choice between go-again and taking damage is awesome. Hit and Run (Red) is another very strong non-attack action that is so good we are running two of every color. Free go-again and a buff for our next attack is absolutely perfect and one of the best cards in our deck. Push Forward (Blu) is arguably one of the best cards in the deck and a card I try to pitch as little as possible, being able to give a weapon attack dominate when combined with all of our other buffs allows us to hit very hard, even if they block four with something like a Sink Below (Red) we can still hit for a ton of damage. Sharpen Steel (Blu) is another very strong card and we get a ton of extra damage off of the red version, for the blue version we typically use it for pitch but on-demand a buff is a buff and depending on the makeup of our hand it can be right to cast the blue version. Second Swing (Red) is one of the best buffs in the deck and the +4 can be nasty even against decks that can block quite high.

Equipment and Weapons:

Hatchet of Body and Hatchet of Mind

I put these two together on the same line because they work so well with each other, we attack with our weapons a ton, from buffs to go-again and Dori’s ability we attack an absolute ton being able to get a +1 buff every time we attack with them in given turn is a great way to amp up the pressure and the damage.

Ironrot Helm

I didn’t find a ton of great helmets for Dori, especially in commoner, so Ironrot Helm is nothing more than a one-block, which in testing has helped me quite a few times within games.

Blossom of Spring

Blossom of Spring is a very aggressive chestpiece that simply gives us a resource and go. While this is not relevant on every turn, being able to have an extra resource on-demand is very strong and can help us maximize damage on a big turn. We really don’t care that it can’t block, as we are quite aggressive anyway.

Gallantry Gold
Gallantry Gold is a very strong card that can push us over the edge on a turn where we are hitting hard or we are attacking an opponent who is quite low; we often have the one-resource available, and this card also works great with Blossom of Spring, we will always take more weapon buffs!

Refraction Bolters

Against decks that are more on a control strategy and when maximizing damage when we can is key, Refraction Bolters is a great support piece. There are not a ton of turns in a game where we don’t have ways to give our weapon attacks go again, but if we fall into that unfortunate situation, we are able to use our legs to do it! A very strong piece of support for the deck

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Between Dori’s ability and a large number of cards that give go-again, we are able to attack and put a lot of pressure on our opponents.
  • We get quite the damage buff from our axe, allowing us to scale our damage quite high.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • We can struggle in the late game, especially against decks that have a ton of defense reactions and high block cards.
  • We are a tempo-focused deck; losing tempo and having a bad turn can slow us down a ton and make the game considerably harder to win.

Deck Matchups:

Please note: I am still fairly new to the game and haven’t played every hero with this deck. These are just from the games I played and some notes and takeaways I have. Another piece of note is that these are my experiences, and you may not have the exact same success or lack thereof against a certain hero. I tested primarily against Kassai and Uzuri.

Best Matchups:


I think the matchup into Kassai is quite favorable for us; while we are pretty much doing the same thing, we typically don’t give them the buffs from Cintari Saber
and Hot Streak they can’t get as much as value as we do out of our Hatchet attacks. We are both aggressive decks, so It’s pretty much a race, but I like our odds. In testing I am 4-1 against Kassai.

Worst Matchups:


Uzuri is quite a tough matchup for us; while we can win it, we are not favored at all. Many of the Uzuri decks in commoner run a ton of Stealth effects, and the Frailty effects combined with high-block cards absolutely kill us. We are able to get some good damage early but can definitely struggle in the late game. This is a very tough matchup, and I would say it is a “go get food” matchup. I am 1-6 against Uzuri in testing.

Inventory Guide:

As far as Inventory guide against Uzuri and Kassai, I don’t change the deck at all; none of the inventory is super helpful in either of these matchups; you could arguably bring in the Sink Below (Red) especially in the Kassai matchup but I don’t typically change anything.


Hatchet Dori is such a fun deck, whether you are playing it in Commoner or Classic Constructed, it is a very strong deck and is a ton of fun to play; while we have some tough matchups, we have a ton of good matchups in the format being able to contend quite well with almost all of the aggressive decks in the format. I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did, if you play this deck let me know how it went for you. Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!