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Dorinthea Ironsong Hatchets Classic Constructed

Welcome to the Grand Tournament, champion.

Art: Dorinthea Ironsong by Lius Lasahido

Hatchet Dori is a deck that gained a ton of popularity after Pro Tour LA, and for good reason; this card is insanely strong and boasts a deck that can do a ton of broken things. Dorinthea’s ability, combined with a ton of different ways to give go-again, allows us to have a ton of three axe turns within a game and output a ton of damage, all while being able to block as needed, this deck really does it all, and the damage output it produces can be absolutely insane. I have been having so much fun with this one, and this is my personal choice for this proquest season. I have been jamming a ton of games against some of the best decks in the format, and I think that Dori has a ton of great matchups, and even matchups that aren’t necessarily favorable, we can often outrace our opponents. Without further adieu, let’s get it!


The general gameplan for our deck is pretty simple: swing with our hatchets as much as we possibly can and maximize our damage. We also get a ton of value out of taking cards out of opponents’ hands, and thus, we can make a lot of our opponent’s turn into nothing more than draw up and pass; once we have this tempo maintained, many decks can really struggle to come back on us. We have a ton of different ways to give go-again from Agility tokens to cards like Blade Runner (Red) as well as a bunch of other sources. The gameplan of this deck is certainly focused, but it is strong, and save for a few specific situations, there is almost no reason to stray from swinging our axes and not looking back.

Dorinthea Ironsong Hatchets Classic Constructed

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
Dorinthea Ironsong
Hatchet of Body
Hatchet of Mind
Balance of Justice
Grains of Bloodspill
Braveforge Bracers
Valiant Dynamo
The Deck:
Pitch 1:
3x Blade Flurry (Red)
3x Blade Runner (Red)
3x Command and Conquer (Red)
3x Commanding Performance (Red)
3x Hit and Run (Red)
3x Spill Blood (Red)
3x Spoils of War (Red)
3x Take it on the Chin (Red)
2x Runner Runner (Red)
1x In the Swing (Red)
Pitch 2:
3x Blade Runner (Yel)
3x Hit and Run (Yel)
3x Shift the Tide of Battle (Yel)
2x Singing Steelblade (Yel)
2x That All You Got? (Yel)
Pitch 3:
3x Blade Runner (Blu)
3x Glint the Quicksilver (Blu)
3x Hit and Run (Blu)
3x Goblet of Bloodrun Wine (Blu)
2x Hold the Line (Blu)
2x Nasty Surprise (Blu)
2x Overpower (Blu)
2x Warmonger's Diplomacy (Blu)
Decimator Great Axe
Fyendal's Spring Tunic
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Gloves
Pitch 1:
3x Sink Below (Red)
3x Fate Foreseen (Red)
2x Cleave (Red)
2x Oasis Respite (Red)

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Deck Stats:

Attack Cards/Attack Reactions:

Spill Blood (Red) in my opinion is the best card in the deck, in the early-game it’s always great to get in some chunk damage and once we hit the late-game it can be very hard for our opponents to play through this because the dominate can be absolutely killer. Commanding Performance (Red) is a card that some Dori decks don’t turn but since we are also running Runner Runner (Red) we can get so much value out of this, whether we swing with our axes or with Runner Runner for nine go-again this card is crazy especially for only one resource. Blade Runner (Red) is another card that our opponents hate to see giving a weapon go-again and the next attack +3 is insane and with the buff from our hatchets it gets even better, this is one-card that can get our opponent to block with most of their hand. Blade Flurry (Red) is another card that is pretty hard for our opponents to play around, especially in the late-game and honestly I just cant believe this card costs zero because in our deck it does so much. We are playing a decently aggressive deck so we absolutely had to include Command and Conquer (Red) which is perfect for the Uzuri matchup most notably and two for six and possibly blowing up arsenal is just very strong. Since we are playing so many strong attacks and love attacking with our axes it can be quite difficult for our opponents to play around Singing Steelblade (Yel) which allows us to grab some of the best of the best and maximize our damage. In the early game, an opponent could no-block and not be affected by this, but in the late game, it is next to impossible. Shift the Tide of Battle (Yel) is a pretty strong reaction as well, go-again is always nice but hitting and getting agility helps to set us up very well for our next turn.

Non-Attack Cards:

Take it on the Chin (Red) is so good and being able to prevent some damage can help save us in the late-game and being able to create an Agility token is a great way to set up our next turn. Hit and Run (Red) is such a strong card we are running every version we possibly can, free go-again and depending on when we cast it a buff is always amazing, Hit and Run helps us further the overall gameplan of keep on swinging. Goblet of Bloodrun Wine (Blu) is something we often pitch for resources during a turn but if we have just an ok hand and don’t feel like going off and swinging hard we can easily cast this and help to set up for the next turn. Glint the Quicksilver (Blu) is a great and free way to give go-again, can be pitched if we need the resources and I love that it often gives us card draw which can be a great way to accelerate the damage on a turn. Warmonger's Diplomacy (Blu) is just plain good, its great against other decks that love attacking with their weapons and its also good against decks that like to be proactive and attack with cards from hands as well. No matter what our opponents choose, it can significantly weaken their turn and help us a ton.

Equipment and Weapons:

Hatchet of Body

Hatchet of Mind

These two are the namesake of the deck and are just absolutely amazing, cheap to attack with, work perfectly with Dorinthea and get better and better as we keep swinging. These two are the absolute bomb and the cards you will be using for a good majority of a game.

Balance of Justice

Balance of Justice is quite strong and pretty good in a ton of matchups. Being able to two block on a headpiece is quite nice as well. There’s not a ton to say about this one card draw. It is pretty much always good, and I typically keep this in when facing almost all matchups.

Grains of Bloodspill

Grains are great, and if I do have a resource lying around, I almost always use it to activate this; the vigor can be great, and if you think about it, it is just one free weapon attack on the next turn, which allows us to have more resources to cast attacks and attack reactions. Grains are the best, and being able to block two is awesome as well.

Braveforge Bracers

If we have an extra resource lying around and we have hit it is always great to activate Braveforge as that extra damage can take out an extra card from your opponent’s hand or just deal more damage which is always good, personally I usually prefer to activate Grains but hey Braveforge is here for a reason and is quite strong.

Valiant Dynamo

The perfect legs for the deck, a card we can always use for an extra block and because of our deck we can remove that counter usually on the next turn, don’t be afraid to block with this one!

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We can present a ton of damage through our weapons on nearly every turn.
  • Against slower decks we can present a ton of damage and reliably no-block on the first couple turns
  • We are very good at maintaining tempo.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Pretty weak to Uzuri, Switchblade or pretty much any hero that can affect our weapons and the damage we are looking to deal.
  • We can be a little weak if we draw a bad hand and fall behind.

Deck Matchups:

Best Matchups:

Viserai, Rune Blood

I absolutely love this matchup and have had a ton of success against it. We just don’t care what they do, they can attack for a few physical or rune chant us, and we just keep on swinging. Once we take the tempo away from them it is quite tough for them to win. We can easily no-block against Viserai and come out on top. I am 8-0 in this matchup.

Kassai of the Golden Sand

Move Over, Kassai; Dorinthea is in town! I like this matchup a lot while the decks share a ton of cards we are kinda just better than Kassai, our weapons are considerably better and allow us to win the race with ease. While Kassai has a ton of strong cards she has nothing compared to 3x Spill Blood (Red) which can be quite devastating for Kassai.

Kayo, Armed and Dangerous

Kayo is fast, really fast, and they can break our tempo because they attack for so much; getting attacks that are eight or nine go-again on most turns can be very tough for us. This is certainly a winnable matchup, but it is no doubt an uphill battle for us. I am 3-6 against Kayo in testing. In the games I won I was able to swing early and had a couple turns where the Kayo had suboptimal hands and didn’t do to much.

Dromai, Ash Artist

Even though Dromai is not long for this world because they are hitting Living Legend pretty soon they can be a tough matchup for us, there ability to stabilize at low-life can be tough with us to deal with and we basically need Cleave (Red) to fight back against Dromai. I am 2-9 against Dromai, when this hero goes I will be quite happy!

Inventory Guide:

These are my opinions after jamming a bunch of games with Dorinthea:

Viserai, Rune Blood

Balance of Justice

-1 Braveforge Bracers

+1 Nullrune Hood

+1 Nullrune Gloves

Kassai of the Golden Sand

No Changes I like the deck as is.

Kayo, Armed and Dangerous

-2 Runner Runner (Red)

-1 In the Swing (Red)

-2 Warmonger's Diplomacy (Blu)

+2 Oasis Respite (Red)

+3 Sink Below (Red)

Dromai, Ash Artist

-1 In the Swing (Red)

-1 Nasty Surprise (Blu)

+2 Cleave (Red)


Hatchet Dori is an extremely strong deck that, in my opinion, is going to gain an absolute ton of living legend points this season. This deck is strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you encounter it at the lowest levels to the highest levels. I personally have been enjoying this one an absolute ton and cant wait to play it at a bunch of proquests. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!