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Graceblade Artisan Auras Pauper EDH

“You know they could never ever stop me”

Art:Graceblade Artisan by Magali Villeneuve

Graceblade Artisan is a really cool card that is basically a Kor Spiritdancer in Pauper EDH and is pretty much just as strong, if you are looking for a deck that can give your commander pretty much protection from every color and pretty huge with ease then this is the deck for you. Mono-White players rejoice this is a good one! Without further adieu lets get it!

The Deck:

Graceblade Artisan Auras!

Commander (1)
Graceblade Artisan

Creatures (11)
Nyxborn Shieldmate
Tragic Poet
Cathar Commando
Transcendent Envoy
Harvestguard Alseids
Heliod’s Pilgrim
Ironclad Slayer
Monk Idealist
Starnheim Courser
Captivating Unicorn

Spells (17)
Blessed Breath
Emerge Unscathed
Gods Willing
Karametra’s Blessing
Loran’s Escape
Lucky Offering
Stave Off
Apostle’s Blessing
Center Soul
Mine Excavation
Crib Swap
Generous Gift
Prismatic Strands
Safe Passage
Your Temple Is Under Attack

Artifacts (6)
Arcane Signet
Marble Diamond
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament
Haunted Cloak
Whispersilk Cloak

Enchantments (30)
Ethereal Armor
Glaring Aegis
Hyena Umbra
Kithkin Armor
Mask of Law and Grace
Raffine’s Guidance
Sentinel’s Eyes
Shield of Duty and Reason
Spirit Link
All That Glitters
Angelic Gift
Benevolent Blessing
Call to Serve
Chosen by Heliod
Divine Favor
Grasp of the Hieromancer
Indomitable Will
Journey to Nowhere
Knight’s Pledge
Lunarch Mantle
Triclopean Sight
Flaming Fist
Pentarch Ward
Knightly Valor
Mammoth Umbra
Lands (35)
Drifting Meadow
Idyllic Grange
31 Plains
Secluded Steppe
Tocasia’s Dig Site

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Why Graceblade Artisan?

The main reason we chose Graceblade Artisan is how well they interact with auras and we are at the heart of it an aura deck. While they don’t get anything but buffs we can use the auras in our deck as ways to protect Graceblade Artisan while her ability lets us be very offensive!

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck!


Some of our best creatures are creatures that reduce the cost of our auras like Transcendent Envoy and Starnheim Courser which are both great ways to reduce our costs and let us have some extra mana for more! Tragic Poet, Auramancer and Monk Idealist are all great ways to recur some of our enchantments which can be great after a boardwipe! Heliod's Pilgrim is the main tutor for our deck and are great when grabbing our key enchantments!


A lot of our instant package focuses on ways to protect Graceblade Artisan with cards like Loran's Escape, Stave Off and Your Temple Is Under Attack! We also have mass protection cards like Safe Passage and Prismatic Strands. The other instants we have are sweet removal spells like Generous Gift and Crib Swap which are great ways to remove annoying stuff from our opponents!


We only have 3 sorceries but all of them are pretty good! Lucky Offering is a great card to remove a pesky artifact or enchantment an opponent has and gain some life! Mine Excavation is a great card offensively and defensively to bounce some permanents! I usually use it to bounce and recast bonders ornament to draw another card! Recommission is a great way for us to get back one of our key artifacts or creatures!


Our artifact package is pretty much divided into mana and offense, for mana we have Marble Diamond, Arcane Signet and Bonder's Ornament while all of these are great ways to get extra mana bonders ornament is especially good since we can get a card out of the deal!

For our offensive artifacts we have the pauper edh legend Wedding Invitation which is card draw and a very easy way to oneshot kill an opponent with commander damage. Haunted Cloak may not be an aura but provides a great way to get a commander damage kill which is very similar to our last artifact Whispersilk Cloak.


Our enchantment package is the heart of our deck with the big cards that we have all present here! The two biggest enchantments in our deck is All That Glitters and Ethereal Armor which are both great ways to not only buff Graceblade +2/+2 but also for every enchantment we have which is an absolutely insane buff for so cheap! Flaming Fist may not be an aura but giving Graceblade double strike is something we always like! Two other sweet auras are Mask of Law and Grace and Shield of Duty and Reason which when used together give Graceblade protection from everything but white!

The other portion of our enchantment package is full of lock-down enchantments like Journey to Nowhere, Pacifism and Reprobation which are all great ways to lock down our opponents annoying creatures and will also allow us to get in some easier attacks and go for that commander damage kill!

Land Base:

We have a land base mostly consisting of plains, but we of course to prevent flooding and have some card draw we do have Drifting Meadow and Secluded Steppe both of which are great lands that act as pseudo card draw especially if we begin to flood! Idyllic Grange is another great land that lets us put a counter on Graceblade, which we will never say no to buffing them more!

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Easy to commander damage kill opponents
  • Many ways to protect commander
  • Decent interaction / removal package

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Deck is commander-centric so weak if constantly killed or targeted
  • Weak to enchantment hate
  • Not much recursion for enchantments

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

We don’t have any infinite combos or loops in the deck but we do have a bunch of ways to buff up our commander and hit for huge commander damage. We have an absolute ton of ways to buff up Graceblade Artisan and hit for huge damage! We are a straight up combat but doesn’t mean we are any less fun!


In conclusion Graceblade Artisan is a really fun casual-mid power level Pauper EDH deck that while it goes a little all in it is still a ton of fun to play and a great deck for any combat lovers! This deck may not be the most completive in the format but it is still a ton of fun! Hope you enjoyed don’t forget you can request a commander for CEDH, PDH, EDH and Budget EDH on our twitter or discord. We appreciate your support so much!