Tuesday Night Takeover

Indulging Patrician Lifegain Pauper EDH

“I love a warrior with heart, never a stale moment”

Art:Indulging Patrician by Miranda Meeks

Indulging Patrician is a super sweet Orzhov commander that lets us drain our opponents if we gain 3 life in a turn we can easily do this and bring on the damage very easily. Since we gain life to do damage we are also very well positioned against aggressive strategies since we can hurt them and gain some life! In addition Indulging Patrician is just a great attacker especially if we get some artifacts or enchantment buffs on her we can easily attack and get her trigger at the end of our turn! Indulging Patrician is the real deal, without further adieu lets get it!

The Deck:

Indulging Patrician Orzhov Lifegain!

Commander (1)
Indulging Patrician

Creatures (30)
Lunarch Veteran
Serrated Scorpion
Soul Warden
Soul’s Attendant
Arashin Cleric
Basilica Screecher
Cathar Commando
Child of Night
Creeping Bloodsucker
Lone Missionary
Suture Priest
Syndic of Tithes
Tithe Drinker
Basilica Guards
Breathless Knight
Celestial Unicorn
Inspiring Overseer
Kingpin’s Pet
Kor Celebrant
Marauding Blight-Priest
Nocturnal Feeder
Vampire Spawn
Bartered Cow
Angel of Mercy
Epicure of Blood
Grasping Thrull
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Morkrut Behemoth
Vampire Sovereign

Spells (20)
Healing Grace
Lash of the Balrog
Light of Hope
Cast Down
Doom Blade
Sign in Blood
Sovereign’s Bite
Aerial Assault
Alms of the Vein
Blood Pact
Ray of Dissolution
Survival Cache
Agonizing Syphon
Bake into a Pie
Blood Tithe
Sanguine Indulgence
Triumphant Surge

Artifacts (7)
Darksteel Axe
Arcane Signet
Armory of Iroas
Potion of Healing
Wedding Invitation
Commander’s Sphere

Enchantments (7)
Edge of the Divinity
Divine Favor
Trespasser’s Curse
Gift of Orzhova
Omen of the Sun
Ill-Gotten Inheritance
Lands (35)
Barren Moor
Black Dragon Gate
Desert of the Glorified
Desert of the True
Drifting Meadow
Evolving Wilds
Kabira Crossroads
Orzhov Guildgate
10 Plains
Polluted Mire
Radiant Fountain
Scoured Barrens
Secluded Steppe
Silverquill Campus
10 Swamp
Thriving Moor
Witch’s Cottage

Why Indulging Patrician?

Indulging Patrician is just a great creature aside from drain when we gain life ability she is a 1/4 with flying and lifelink for 3 combine this with many of the cards in our deck that allow us to buff her and get her trigger every time she attacks. This also makes commander damage a viable way to end the game depending on what buffs we can get for her! Indulging Patrician is just an awesome commander who is one of the main keys in our deck!

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck!


Our creature package has a lot of lifelinkers and cards that can trigger Indulging Patrician, one of the best is Arashin Cleric who can come in and instantly trigger Patrician.Gingerbrute is another sweet card that we can make harder to block and when its all said and done gain 3 life and trigger Patrician. Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant and Suture Priest are all great ways to gain some life and trigger patrician on our turn. In a 3-4 player game Creeping Bloodsucker can set up our Patrician trigger on our upkeep!

We also have a bunch of extort creatures like Tithe Drinker, Basilica Screecher and Kingpin's Pet. We do have a few other extort creatures but these creatures are great ways to use some extra mana and get some life and damage out of it! We also have some lifegain benefits like Marauding Blight-Priest and Epicure of Blood which damage our opponents when we gain life!

We also have some pretty sweet late-game creatures like Vampire Sovereign which is a great way to directly trigger Indulging Patrician and is also a big-body creature. Gray Merchant of Asphodel is not the biggest creature but can be a real-game ender and we can do an absolute ton of damage! Morkrut Behemoth is a great big creature that does have drawbacks but we can easily sacrifice a creature or pay the mana!


Healing Grace is a really great card that can protect from damage and will let us trigger Indulging Patrician. Light of Hope is a cool card cause we can destroy an enchantment, buff one of our creatures or gain some life! Either way it is a great card overall. Blood Pact is a great way to draw some cards and since we gain so much life there really isn’t much of a drawback!

We also have a bunch of single target removal spells like Murder, Doom Blade and Cast Down. We have a few other single target removal spells but these are some of the best. My personal favorite instant in the deck is Exile which lets us exile an attacking nonwhite creature and gains us some life!


Aerial Assault is a great card that lets us destroy a tapped creature and while we don’t have a ton of flyers gaining any life and destroying a creature is worth it! Alms of the Vein and Sovereign's Bite which are great burn spells for our deck that also trigger Indulging Patrician! Sign in Blood is a great way for us to draw some cards!


We of course have some mana rocks like Arcane Signet and Commander's Sphere. But we also have some equipments that buff like Darksteel Axe and Bonesplitter. Some of our other sweet artifacts are Wedding Invitation which is a great way to get some guaranteed damage and we actually have a commander who is a vampire. Potion of Healing draws us a card and will also trigger Indulging Patrician!


We have a lot of enchantments that buff our creatures like Edge of the Divinity and Gift of Orzhova. Trespasser's Curse is really good against aggressive or token decks. Oubliette is a great piece of single target removal and is just a sweet pauper card overall! Ill-Gotten Inheritance is a great way to apply some more damage and pressure to our opponents!

Land Base:

Our land base of course has all of the cycling lands that we can play like Polluted Mire and Barren Moor as well as Desert of the True and Desert of the Glorified. Kabira Crossroadsand Radiant Fountain are both cool lands since we can gain 2 life and if we have Indulging Patrician out we can get 2/3rds the way there to triggering Indulging Patriarch. Besides that it is mostly basics and Orzhov dual lands, overall we have a pretty simple landbase which is typically for this being only a 2 color deck!

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Easy to do a ton on noncombat damage to opponents
  • A lot of creature / permanent interaction
  • A lot of creatures passively do damage / trigger our commander

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Weak to creature hate
  • Deck is weaker without commander
  • Weak to combo / spellslinger decks that don’t care about taking damage

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

Our main win condition is combat, and gaining life and utilizing Indulging Patricians ability to deal 3 damage to each of our opponents every turn. This deck is packed to the brim with ways to gain life and trigger our commander pretty much every turn, we also have some buffs for Indulging Patrician which can allow us to get some damage in and at a slower table I was able to get a few commander damage kills!


In conclusion this deck is as Orshov as they come and is a ton of fun to pilot, while you may struggle against some of the combo / spellslinger PDH decks this deck is perfectly suited for a table with a lot of creature based decks. This deck can absoultely hold its own but like anything has its weaknesses. Despite those this is a really fun deck that is on theme for Orzhov and is just a ton of fun to play! Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget you can request PDH, CEDH and EDH articles for the week on our twitter or discord! Let us know!