Tuesday Night Takeover

Jubilant Skybonder Flyers Pauper EDH

“Fight on and Fly.”

Art:Jubilant Skybonder by Jesper Ejsing

Jubilant Skybonder is a very strong creature and the protection they provide to not only themselves but all of the flyers in our deck allows us to play strongly through removal and the evasiveness of all of our creatures allows us to chip in damage with ease. Jubliant Skybonder is a commander that I don’t think gets enough love in PDH they are quite strong and since there is almost no board wipes within the format they are well positioned against cards that are extremely common in PDH. We are in Azorius which allows us to play some controlling elements like counterspells and removal but this is by no means a huge part of the deck but is more of a great piece of support for the deck. If you love hard to kill flyers and chipping in for a little bit of damage then this may be the one for you. Without further adieu lets get it!

The Deck:

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Jubilant Skybonder Flyers Pauper EDH!

Commander (1)
Jubilant Skybonder

Creatures (32)
Healer’s Hawk
Ambush Paratrooper
Ornithopter of Paradise
Stormscape Familiar
War Screecher
Wings of the Guard
Zephyr Winder
Cloudkin Seer
Dauntless Aven
Diving Griffin
Eagle of the Watch
Scouting Hawk
Tome Raider
Warden of Evos Isle
Aarakocra Sneak
Alabaster Kirin
Armored Griffin
Combat Professor
Esper Cormorants
Kinscaer Harpoonist
Parhelion Patrol
Phantom Monster
Seraph of Dawn
Tah-Crop Elite
Messenger Jays
Quicksilver Fisher
Sphinx’s Disciple
Anointer of Valor
Eagles of the North
Goliath Sphinx

Instants (9)
Arcane Denial
Crib Swap
Essence Scatter
Generous Gift
Keep Safe
Keep Watch
Your Temple Is Under Attack

Sorceries (8)
Gust of Wind
Inspiring Roar
Lórien Revealed
Silverflame Ritual
Winged Words

Artifacts (7)
Arcane Signet
Azorius Signet
Greatsword of Tyr
Spare Supplies
Wedding Invitation
Azorius Locket
Bonder’s Ornament

Enchantments (8)
Witness Protection
Journey to Nowhere
Fall from Favor
Oblivion Ring
Ophidian Eye
Steel of the Godhead
Marked by Honor
Ocular Halo
Lands (35)
Command Tower
Desert of the Mindful
Desert of the True
Evolving Wilds
13 Island
Lonely Sandbar
13 Plains
Remote Isle
Terramorphic Expanse
The Fair Basilica
The Surgical Bay

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Why Jubilant Skybonder?

Jubilant Skybonder is an amazing commander for the deck and is quite hard to remove once they hit the field. Since they also give themselves the protection which makes all of the creatures in our deck hard to kill. Like most of the creatures in our deck the stats are nothing special so don’t expect a commander damage kill but chipping in damage is always good and protecting nearly every creature in the deck is huge for only three mana.

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! I also highlighted some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Warden of Evos Isle is the most important creature in our deck since it reduces the cost of nearly all of the creatures in our deck. Stormscape Familiar is another great way to reduce a large majority of the deck, but the beauty is that it counts for everything in the deck that is white Zephyr Winder is another creature I love for the deck because it gives our creatures pseudo-vigilance, and this can be great if we are against more aggressive strategies where we need to block. We typically don’t like to block in this deck but like every deck we will if we have to. Ambush Paratrooper isn’t the best attacker but in the mid-late game when we have extra mana lying around we can use it as a strong anthem effect for the deck. Another great anthem effect is Eagles of the North and Tah-Crop Elite which are both great ways to pump up the board. Messenger Jays is one of the best flyers in the deck since our opponents get a vote too and in my experience most will give us counters but we are perfectly ok with extra card draw as well its truly a win-win for us. Scouting Hawk is not as impressive as an attacker or blocker, but they are a great way to grab extra land and get all of our colors established if needed.


Our instant package is where most of our more defensive spells lie, like Generous Gift, Arcane Denial, and Counterspell, which are great ways to stop our opponents and protect our creatures if they do decide to pay the tax. Since we have protection from most removals from our commander, but we also have Your Temple Is Under Attack, which can help us make a friend if we go the card draw route but if we have a bad combat or something is going to happen to our board, we can use it to protect our board even further and keep the flyers alive.


Silverflame Ritual and Inspiring Roar allows us to put more pressure on our opponents and actually hit for a substantial amount of damage. We also have a couple cards that give us benefits from all of the flying creatures we have like Gust of Wind and Winged Words which are both amazing pieces of supplemental card draw for the deck. We of course are rocking some blue staples like Ponder and Preordain which are additional strong draws for the deck and we have Ravenform which is a very strong piece of removal for the deck.


We are a two-color deck, so mana rocks are quite strong and important, and I really like Azorius Locket in the deck since we can get some strong card draw off of it; not a ton to say about our mana rocks other than they are extremely helpful to the overall gameplan of the deck. Wedding Invitation is one of my favorite cards in the format and the unblockable doesn’t really end up mattering since we have evasive creatures bu the card draw is quite strong. Greatsword of Tyr is arguably the best equipment in the format, and slapping it on a flying creature allows us to buff them up while making our opponents worse at blocking in combat.


Since we are full of flying creatures and can consistently hit most opponents Ophidian Eye is an effective way to get some additional card draw. Ocular Halo is a great card that pairs extremely well with the vigilance creatures in the deck as it gives us the opportunity to give the equipped creature vigilance as well, which can be quite strong in a turn we want to attack and draw some extra cards. Another great thing about our enchantment package is the control elements like Witness Protection and Fall from Favor. These along with a few others allow us to invalidate completely and shutdown any strategy that cares about or needs there commander to function, its also great to take out any huge attacking threats as well.

Land Base:

We have some strong card draw within the landbase like Desert of the Mindful and Desert of the True as well as The Surgical Bay and The Fair Basilica which are all great ways to get some extra cards, since many of our flying creatures are decently cheap we are able to sacrifice these with relative ease. Beyond that, there isn’t really anything interesting to say about the rest of the landbase. I find it to be quite strong and effective and have not really had any issues with the landbase.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We are quite evasive and against mono-green or red decks that don’t have a ton of flyers we can chip in for a ton unblocked nearly every turn.
  • When we have our commander out, single-target removal is pretty terrible against us.
  • We have a ton of card draw throughout the deck and while we often dump out our hand we can refill with relative ease.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • We can’t represent a ton of damage to opponents so against decks that hit really hard or like to one-shot with their commander we cant really pressure them.
  • We can be a little slow to start, and we don’t have a ton of great blockers.
  • We can be weak to aggressive strategies since the gameplan typically does not want us to block that much.

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops in the deck. We have a ton of evasive creatures as nearly every single creature in the deck has flying giving us a great matchup against decks that struggle with flyers, on top of that our commander allows us to have some very strong protection for our creatures and removal doesn’t really work that well against us. We don’t attack for a lot but have a ton of vigilance creatures and we can chip in for damage every single turn and hit not that hard but consistently.


Jubilant Skybonder is very cool and if you love filling up your board with small and evasive creatures then this is the perfect deck for you. I love this deck and think it is quite well-positioned against a variety of the most popular decks within the format. I also love the more aggressive attack first nature of the deck with a ton of evasive creatures, we typically have a board that is very hard to block and can consistently chip in damage against our opponents.