Tuesday Night Takeover

Kangee, Sky Warden Flyers Pauper EDH

“What the government doesn’t want you to know is that the birds are free; if you can catch them, you can take them home.”

Art:Kangee, Sky Warden by Dan Scott

Look to the skies and see what’s happening! Kangee is such an awesome commander and is an absolute blast to play. Playing a deck full of flyers leaves you feeling that combat is so easy within MTG because very few of our opponents have enough flyers to block all of our stuff, combining our evasive creatures with an amazing commander who is strong both offensively and defensively and we have quite the winning recipe. My playgroup and I have been having a blast testing this one over the past couple of weeks, and I think it’s one of the most fun and best decks we have built to date. Without further adieu, let’s get it!

The Deck:

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Kangee, Sky Warden Flyers!

Commander (1)
Kangee, Sky Warden

Creatures (33)
Faerie Seer
Healer’s Hawk
Ambush Paratrooper
Briarberry Cohort
Academy Drake
Celestial Regulator
Cloudchaser Kestrel
Cloudkin Seer
Exultant Skymarcher
Frost Trickster
Inspiring Overseer
Marble Gargoyle
Scouting Hawk
Slith Ascendant
Warded Battlements
Warden of Evos Isle
Aspiring Aeronaut
Seraph of Dawn
Sunmane Pegasus
Tah-Crop Elite
Thunder Drake
Angel of the Dawn
Aven Surveyor
Daybreak Chimera
Messenger Jays
Peregrine Drake
Anointer of Valor
Eagles of the North
Winged Shepherd
Errant Ephemeron

Instants (14)
Arcane Denial
Dawn Charm
Destroy Evil
Essence Scatter
Generous Gift
Gods Willing
Loran’s Escape
Shore Up
Your Temple Is Under Attack

Sorceries (6)
Battle Screech
Settle Beyond Reality
Winged Words

Artifacts (6)
Arcane Signet
Azorius Signet
Goggles of Night
Greatsword of Tyr
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament

Enchantments (5)
Witness Protection
Kasmina’s Transmutation
The Modern Age
Ophidian Eye
Steel of the Godhead
Lands (35)
Desert of the Mindful
Desert of the True
Escape Tunnel
Evolving Wilds
13 Island
Lonely Sandbar
12 Plains
Remote Isle
Secluded Steppe
Terramorphic Expanse
The Fair Basilica
The Surgical Bay

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Why Kangee, Sky Warden?

Kangee is a huge part of our deck; while our deck is naturally evasive, without Kangee, we don’t do a ton of damage; having this buff can allow us to easily one-shot an opponent, and we put a ton of pressure on our opponents. Kangee is not only an offensive powerhouse but a defensive one as well; getting the toughness block on buffs allows us to contend with other creature-heavy decks and even the most aggressive strategies. Sadly, Kangee is a removal magnet since they are a huge part of our deck, but we do have quite a few ways to protect them within the deck.

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! I also highlighted some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Warden of Evos Isle is, in my opinion, the most important creature in the deck; being able to reduce the cost of nearly every creature in our deck is extremely strong. Speaking of nearly every creature, we do have one non-flyer in Warded Battlements, which provides a wonderful buff for all of our creatures and can help up the pressure we put on our opponents. We have a ton of flyers that aren’t that exciting, but we have some very strong ones to highlight like Slith Ascendant which is a great creature and only gets better turn after turn, this card in just a few turns of being out can put a ton of pressure on our opponents. We have quite a few anthem effects for our board in addition to our commander like Eagles of the North and Tah-Crop Elite both of these are great buffs for the deck, and when combined with our commander can make our damage output crazy and easily allow for a one-shot. Aven Surveyor isn’t the most impressive five-mana creature, but being able to bounce an opponent’s creature is great and perfect for any creature that is getting out of hand. Celestial Regulator is not only a target for Steel of the Godhead but they tap down a creature which can be great if we have an opponent who is also heavy on flyers, being able to take the best of the best out of combat is extremely strong, Frost Trickster is another great card with a similar effect.


We have quite a bit of control within our instant package with strong counterspells like Arcane Denial, Essence Scatter, and Counterspell, which are all great ways to protect our board and stop our opponents from doing out of hand things. We have some strong ways to protect our creatures, like Shelter, Loran's Escape, and Shore Up, which are all great ways to protect our key creatures and more importantly our commander who is a huge removal magnet. We also have some removal of our own, like Destroy Evil and Generous Gift. These are both strong pieces of removal, especially Generous Gift, which can take out anything and give our opponent a measly 3/3 that is a great trade-off for us.


Ponder and Preordain are great cheap draw spells that also allow us to get an information advantage which is awesome for only one mana. Winged Words is arguably the best draw spell in our deck because it is almost always discounted. Ravenform and Settle Beyond Reality are a little weaker because they are sorcery speed but are great ways to exile some of our opponent’s best creatures. Battle Screech does only produce 1/1’s, but we can easily cast it for its flashback cost, and having additional flyers to block or buff up with Kangee is very strong.


Greatsword of Tyr is arguably one of the best pieces of equipment in the format, and since we are already quite evasive, tapping down an opponent’s creature is just gravy on top. Goggles of Night isn’t much more than supplemental card draw for the deck, but it is quite consistent. As always, we have to include one of my favorites Wedding Invitation, which is just a powerhouse for only two mana. We do have some mana rocks, but there is not much to say about any of them besides Bonder's Ornament, which can be great card draw if we need it.


Witness Protection and Kasmina's Transmutation are both cheap and strong enchantments that allow us to take out pretty much any creatures with abilities and are also perfect for taking out commanders, which can really hurt decks that rely on them. Steel of the Godhead is a bomb of enchantment, and something we almost always equip onto Kangee; allowing them to be unblocked gives us a ton of damage output, and we don’t have to worry about them dying in combat. Ophidian Eye is a strong source of supplemental card draw for the deck, and since we are so evasive, it is quite consistent.

Land Base:

Our landbase is pretty simple and full of cards that you would expect, one of the newer additions to the landbase is Escape Tunnel, which in the early game is nothing more than a Evolving Wilds but in the late-game can make our commander or one of our others creatures unblockable. We have a ton of supplemental card draw within the landbase, which is always strong. I think thirty-five lands is perfect for this deck and find the landbase to be strong and efficient and work very well.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We are evasive and can easily chip in damage and whittle down our opponents throughout the turn.
  • Our commander may be a removal magnet but we have some strong counterspell protection and color protection like Shelter and Loran's Escape.
  • We can establish quite a strong and evasive board within the first few turns as we have many cheap flyers.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Specifically, weak to decks with green as they have a lot of hate for flying creatures.
  • Our commander is a huge removal magnet.
  • Without our commander, many of our creatures are not that impressive in combat.

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops within the deck. We are a combat deck through and through; we do have a leg-up in combat because nearly every creature in our deck flys and this makes all of our creatures naturally evasive and allows us to get through unblocked quite regularly, we also get an offensive and defensive buff from our commander which makes us quite strong in combat as well. We don’t deal a ton of damage on every turn but our evasiveness allows us to chip in damage consistently.


Kangee is an awesome commander who is a ton of fun to play. My playgroup and I have been enjoying this deck a lot, and this is a deck that gets passed around between players a ton because it is a fun combat deck that is strong, but is not too oppressive. I had a blast testing and playing this deck, flyers are so much fun and if you don’t play a ton of decks focused on flyers I think you will enjoy this one a lot. Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!