Tuesday Night Takeover

Lexi Freezing Cold Blizzard UPF

“Even the Strongest Blizzards start with a Snowflake.”

Art: Lexi by Federico Musetti

Baby, it’s cold outside, and you had better get ready because the frostbite is coming. Lexi is one of my favorite heroes in the game, and since we can no longer play them in CC, I thought to myself, what is the next best way to give an opponent a ton of frostbite and ranger them out. Of course, the answer to that is Lexi. I built this deck on a budget because, at the time of original construction, I didn’t have a ton of money to invest in the game. This deck comes in at around thirty dollars, and for a UPF deck, I think that is an amazing price. If you love Lexi and need a little bit of budget fun for the whole table, this is the deck for you. I’m not sure if this is the best Lexi build in the world, but I have had a lot of success with this deck at the UPF table and, more importantly, had a ton of fun with it! Without further adieu, let’s get it!

Because UPF is a multiplayer-focused format that is very different from every other Flesh and Blood format, we have not included a comprehensive Inventory Guide and just included a basic breakdown; there is no Best and Worst matchups because so many different decks and strategies are present, it is pretty much impossible to denote something as good or bad. UPF is typically played casually, and that’s the level at which this deck was always played. I hope you enjoy this deck and it serves as a fun addition to your deck arsenal or if you are a new to the format a decently cheap way to get into the format.


The main gameplan of our deck is to continuously deal damage to our nearby opponents and most importantly, put a strain on their resources through our mass of frostbite tokens, being able to take at least two of our opponents effectively out of the game through frostbite is huge for the deck and also the primary gameplan for the deck. We also get a ton of value out of our arrow attacks especially with cards like Cold Wave (Red) or Chilling Icevein (Red) you may notice that we have a lot of redundancy throughout our deck running Red, Blu and Yel versions of many cards, this is because we want to maximize the frostbite tokens so our opponents really cant do anything. Combine that with a ton of damage, and we can absolutely punish our opponents while the other side of the table dukes it out. While we don’t have a ton of ways to frostbite all of our opponents, we can easily punish the heroes we attack. We also have a few ways to give our attacks dominate which can be a great way to maximize our damage.

The Deck:

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
Honing Hood
Coat of Frost
Perch Grapplers
The Deck:
Pitch 1:
2x Blizzard Bolt (Red)
2x Chill To The Bone (Red)
2x Chilling Icevein (Red)
2x Cold Wave (Red)
2x Flake Out (Red)
2x Isenhowl Weathervane (Red)
1x Pulse of Volthaven (Red)
Pitch 2:
2x Blizzard Bolt (Yel)
2x Chill To The Bone (Yel)
2x Chilling Icevein (Yel)
2x Cold Wave (Yel)
2x Flake Out (Yel)
2x Isenhowl Weathervane (Yel)
Pitch 3:
2x Blizzard Bolt (Blu)
2x Chilling Icevein (Blu)
2x Cold Wave (Blu)
2x Flake Out (Blu)
2x Isenhowl Weathervane (Blu)
2x Winter's Bite (Blu)
1x Weave Ice (Blu)
Nullrune Boots
Nullrune Gloves
Bull's Eye Bracers
Pitch 1:
2x Oasis Respite (Red)
2x Sink Below (Red)

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Deck Stats:

Deck Overview:

This next section highlights some of the best of the best, as well as some of my favorite cards in the deck.

Attack Cards:

We have a ton of strong attacks, whether it be typical attacks or arrow attacks. If we are against an opponent who has a ton of activated abilities on their equipment Cold Wave (Red) is a great way to stop those abilities from being activated on that turn, being able to do this is extremely strong and when it comes down to the end of the game can be absolutely devastating for an opponent. Flake Out (Red) is another very strong attack for the deck, we run all three colors of it but the red one is the most aggressive and since we can easily ice-fuse it a one for five with dominate is a great way to guarantee some damage against our opponents even if they are packing decent defense reactions. Blizzard Bolt (Red) is another very aggressive arrow attack that allows us to get some more frostbite action going which is always great. Since we are running all three-colors of most of our core attacks, we are able to consistently and constantly put pressure on our opponent’s life totals and on their resources with all of the frostbite tokens.

Non-Attack Cards:

We are running Chill To The Bone (Red) in every color and that is for a good reason, this card is extremely strong. Being able to get an additional Frostbite created when we hit on a turn is a great way to continue controlling our opponent’s resources. Isenhowl Weathervane (Yel) is another card that we play in all three colors and is a wonderful non-attack action for the deck. The nice thing about Weathervane is that we fuse pretty often, and being able to create frostbites under an opponent’s control without having to hit is very strong. this card is just amazing. Whether we pitch the blues for resources or use them as intended, this card is great. Winter's Bite (Blu) is another great card for the deck that can force our opponents to discard a card to pitch resources for it or force them to use an equipment, its all situation dependent but a very strong card. Weave Ice (Blu) is only a one-of in the deck but is very strong and since our attacks are often fused we are almost always to get dominate on our attack which is extremely strong in the late-game when opponents are low on life. Pulse of Volthaven (Red) is a very strong one-of for the deck and it can often allow us to one-shot an opponent at low-life. This card is quite strong at pretty much any stage but absolutely shines on an attack that has dominate.

Equipment and Weapons:



Shiver is our bow of choice for the deck, and honestly, how could we not? This is an absolutely amazing bow for the deck that gives us selection into what we put into our arsenal zone to attack with; this only costs one resource, which is a great way for us to get that attack off as well as have the option to give it dominate or +1. Shiver is a very strong bow within the deck and allows us to pop-off with some damage and get a ton of value out of our arrow attacks.


Honing Hood

Honing Hood is a great way to get a bad card out of our arsenal, and we typically use the other part of its ability to put an arrow attack into our arsenal. Honing Hood is a very strong piece of equipment; it blocks for zero, but that’s not a problem for us because we would never block it, even if we could.

Coat of Frost

If an opponent starts to get out of hand, or is playing a deck that does a ton of damage in one turn, Coat of Frost is a great action for the deck; being able to give a free frostbite token to an opponent is a great way to slow them down on their next turn, absolutely perfect against any deck that tries to do big things after a couple setup turns. This is another equipment we can’t block with, but since we have a decent amount of strong blocks throughout the deck, it’s really no problem for us.

Perch Grapplers

Don’t fear. We actually do have equipment that can block, but we typically don’t use it to block. Hey, we actually can if we would like to. Perch Grapplers is a great card that gives our arrow attacks go-again. This is a great outlet for extra resources, especially if we have a hand that is filled with blues. We can get a ton of advantage out of this leg piece.


If an opponent has a ton of go-again or just multiple sources of damage throughout a turn, Runaways is a great way to prevent one of that damage; while on some turns that can be insignificant, it often can be the difference maker between dying and living. This is another piece of utility equipment that doesn’t block but hey we get a ton of value out of it anyway.

Inventory Guide:

There isn’t a direct inventory guide; since this is UPF, you never really know what you are going to see; even if you see a hero you’ve encountered a lot in other formats, you may see an unconventional build or something different than what you are expecting. How I typically use my inventory is against any deck that could deal arcane damage I bring in Nullrune Boots
Nullrune Gloves and get rid of Mark of Lightning and Runaways. If you are going against a hero like Fai or Ira, Crimson Haze you want to bring in our more defensive cards like Oasis Respite (Red) or Sink Below (Red) and typically cut some of our one-of effects as well as some of the Yel copies of our redundant cards. UPF is a very interesting format and can be tough to inventory for.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We can present a lot of damage through our arsenal with our arrow attacks.
  • We have quite a few ways to give Frostbite tokens to our opponents, which allow us to deny them resources and make it much harder for them on their turns.
  • Our bow can get pretty out of hand, and when we choose to dominate when firing arrows, we are able to deal a ton of damage and guarantee our on-hit effects typically.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • We don’t have a ton of ways as many status effects for every opponent as most UPF decks do.
  • We are decently weak to any kind of arsenal hate because we want to be firing our bow pretty often.
  • We don’t have a mass target card for the whole table. We do have some cards that target any hero but we do not have a target every hero card, and we can really only focus on the opponents to the left and right of us, which can be tough against a bigger than four UPF table.


UPF is such a fun format; I love being able to do a ton of different things within the format, playing a little bit more loosely and being able to play heroes in unconventional ways. UPF is something I am a little new to, but I have been jamming games like a madman; every time my testing group and I get together, we have to test our new UPF decks. I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did. We have a ton more Flesh and Blood content coming, and we always take requests. Hit us up on our socials. Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!