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Light-Paws, Emperors Voice Auras 55$ Budget EDH

Peace and Tranquility seems to be all the rage nowadays!

Art:Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice by Randy Vargas

Light-Paws is a super sweet commander that cares about Auras, being able to cast auras and tutor for them is a great way for us to buff Light-Paws and act as pseudo card draw and help filter through our deck. Our deck is ultra budget coming in at 55$ and is also a ton of fun to play! This deck is great for any new or old player and can really be played by anyone not requiring any special combo or format knowledge to have and do well with. Without Further Adieu lets get into it!

5 Helpful Upgrades:

Since we are a budget deck there are notable exclusions that can improve the deck if you are looking to upgrade this deck here are 5 cards to start with.

All of these cards can really improve the deck but were omitted to adhere to a budget!

The Deck:

55$ Light Paws Auras!

Commander (1)
Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice

Creatures (20)
Selfless Savior
Gold Myr
Hero of Iroas
Knight of the White Orchid
Kor Spiritdancer
Loyal Warhound
Sram, Senior Edificer
Transcendent Envoy
Danitha Capashen, Paragon
Heliod’s Pilgrim
Ironclad Slayer
Mesa Enchantress
Monk Idealist
Moon-Blessed Cleric
Starnheim Courser
Archon of Sun’s Grace
Armored Skyhunter
Danitha, Benalia’s Hope
Sun Titan

Spells (13)
Resurgent Belief
Mana Tithe
Rebuff the Wicked
Fateful Absence
Open the Armory
Divine Reckoning
Ravnica at War
Return to Dust
Slash the Ranks
Three Dreams
Austere Command
Open the Vaults

Artifacts (3)
Helm of the Gods
Sol Ring
Holy Avenger

Enchantments (28)
Cartouche of Solidarity
Ethereal Armor
Hyena Umbra
Shield of Duty and Reason
Solid Footing
All That Glitters
Angelic Gift
Benevolent Blessing
Cho-Manno’s Blessing
Daybreak Coronet
Spirit Loop
Spirit Mantle
Triclopean Sight
Battle Mastery
Face of Divinity
Minimus Containment
Unquestioned Authority
Angelic Destiny
Armored Ascension
Faith Unbroken
Holy Mantle
Sage’s Reverie
Mammoth Umbra
Sigil of the Empty Throne
Celestial Mantle
Lands (35)
Desert of the True
Drifting Meadow
31 Plains
Secluded Steppe
The Fair Basilica

Why Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice?

The main reason Light-Paws is the commander for our deck is that we can not only cast them very early and begin equipping them and preparing for a commander damage but being able to pseudo tutor for a tutor when an aura ETB which can also help end the game very quickly. Being able to filter our deck and act as card draw is a super sweet ability for a commander that cares about Auras. Light-Paws even in a budget build!

Deck Overview:

One of the few pieces of mana ramp in our deck is actually Gold Myr which is a pretty simple creature but can be helpful especially in mono-white. Selfless Savior is another great card that can act as protection for single target removal mostly for light-paws. Kor Spiritdancer is a great card because not only is at an alternative way to win if light-paws keeps getting targeted but it can also act as a great piece of card draw! Heliod's Pilgrim is a great tutor for auras and we can never complain about filtering through our deck and grabbing key auras. Archon of Sun's Grace can be a great way to generate creatures and help us against aggressive strategies where we are getting attacked by a ton of creatures! Armored Skyhunter is a great piece of recursion and can be helpful if light-paws or one of our other aura targets gets killed and we have to start rebuilding! Mesa Enchantress is another great way for us to draw cards and it is very easy to draw 2 or 3 extra cards in a turn with this out! Sun Titan is one of the biggest creatures in our deck and is great to reanimate some of our small creatures and bring back some of our auras. While Sun Titan has seen much less popularity in the last few years it is still a super powerful and awesome card!

We are mono-white so we don’t have a ton of interaction or counterspells but we do have Mana Tithe and Rebuff the Wicked. Mana Tithe is a great gotcha card when an opponent taps out for a big spell and your opponents rarely anticipate this card. Rebuff the Wicked is a pseudo counterspell that can also be a great way to protect light-paws. Since we are a mono-colored deck Ravnica at War can be a great boardwipe that really doesn’t effect us at all. Resurgent Belief is a sweet card that can be a great way to rebuild after a boardwipe, the biggest downside of it is that we do have to wait 2 turns since we cannot cascade into it. Disenchant and Return to Dust are our main artifact and enchantment removal and are great cards for the format and for our deck!

Our artifact package is really small but we do of course have the format staple Sol Ring, other than that we have Helm of the Gods which is super cheap equipment that also lets us buff Light-Paws or one of our other aura targets. We also have Holy Avenger which not only gives our equipped creature double strike but lets us return an aura when we deal combat damage which is very easy to connect with our creature especially when we have a bunch of auras on them.

Our enchantment package is really the main section of our deck, the best enchantment in our deck is Daybreak Coronet since it has a low cost and gives us a lot of abilities and stats for such a low cost, it is very easy for us to get around the drawback that it comes with. All That Glitters is another great enchantment in the deck since we can easily get a ton of enchantments on the field! Holy Mantle is a higher costed aura at 2WW but it is absolutely worth it since it gives protection from creatures if Holy Mantle becomes equipped we really cant be stopped through combat which makes commander damage kills so much easily. Faith Unbroken is an expensive costed enchantment but is a piece of single targeted removal for one of our opponents creature and gives our creature +2/+2. The top end of our enchantments in our deck is Celestial Mantle which gives our creature +3/+3 and lets us double our life total when we connect a couple swings from this and we can come close to being nearly unkillable. Stoneskin is a great way to make Light-Paws or Kor Spiritdancer super hard to kill through combat! While we have a lot of offensive enchantments in our deck we also have some defesnive ones to deal with opponents threats like Reprobation and Minimus Containment which are both great ways for us to remove opponents big threats or commanders!

Our land base is really simple consisting of 32 plains but we do have some lands that cycle like Desert of the True, Drifting Meadow and Secluded Steppe. We are in mono-white and card draw can be a problem so in the late game when we draw these we can typically just cycle them for the card!

Strengths of the deck:

  • Our commander is our main win condition
  • Lack of card draw
  • Lack of ramp

Weaknesses of the deck:

  • Easily kill opponents through commander damage
  • Many ways to protect light-paws
  • Lots of Recursion

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

Our main win condition is combat and for the most part Light-Paws, while our other creatures can no doubt help us secure a win, Light-Paws and commander damage are the main way! Just as described above the main gameplan of the deck is to either get light-paws or Kor Spiritdancer buffed up with a ton of auras and attack!


I think that Light-Paws in a budget form or a non-budget form is super sweet commander that is also a ton of fun to play. This deck is awesome for anyone who loves decks that are fully built and focused around our commander. Light-Paws definitely makes games feel like they are 21 life! Overall I think light-paws is a great deck and can hold its own at almost any regular edh table.

Thanks for reading to the end!