Tuesday Night Takeover
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Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea Devotion!

Commander (1)
Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea

Creatures (19)
Armguard Familiar
Wall of Kelp
Calcite Snapper
Dewdrop Spy
Neurok Invisimancer
Phantom Ninja
Phantom Warrior
Soulknife Spy
Spiketail Drakeling
Stormbound Geist
Tandem Lookout
Watertrap Weaver
Azure Fleet Admiral
Cruel Witness
Elgaud Shieldmate
Mirrorshell Crab

Instants (11)
Arcane Denial
Dive Down
Essence Scatter
Keep Safe
Shadow Rift
Shore Up
Turn Aside

Sorceries (4)
Artful Dodge
Slip Through Space

Artifacts (9)
Mantle of Tides
Goggles of Night
Neurok Stealthsuit
Sky Diamond
Vorrac Battlehorns
Wedding Invitation
Altar of the Pantheon
Haunted Cloak
Brass Knuckles

Enchantments (21)
Aqueous Form
Arcane Flight
Bind the Monster
Witness Protection
Cartouche of Knowledge
Cloak of Mists
Eel Umbra
Ice Over
Kasmina’s Transmutation
One With the Wind
Security Bypass
Spectral Flight
Tightening Coils
Charmed Sleep
Deep Freeze
Fall from Favor
Frozen Solid
Illusory Wrappings
Mesmerizing Dose
Tricks of the Trade
Lands (35)
Captivating Cave
Cave of Temptation
Desert of the Mindful
Evolving Wilds
Forge of Heroes
24 Island
Lonely Sandbar
Mystic Sanctuary
Remote Isle
Skyline Cascade
Terramorphic Expanse
The Surgical Bay