Tuesday Night Takeover
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General Marhault Elsdragon Big Blocks!

Commander (1)
General Marhault Elsdragon

Creatures (30)
Taunting Elf
Battle-Scarred Goblin
Dwarven Berserker
Garruk’s Companion
Goblin Anarchomancer
Jade Avenger
Nightshade Peddler
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Shinen of Life’s Roar
Dragon-Scarred Bear
Matsu-Tribe Decoy
Burning-Tree Bloodscale
Coalition Warbrute
Crimson Fleet Commodore
Frenzied Arynx
Gaea’s Protector
Prized Unicorn
Stirring Bard
Avenging Hunter
Crested Craghorn
Entourage of Trest
Gorilla Berserkers
Nath’s Elite
Nylea’s Forerunner
Silverback Shaman
Stampeding Elk Herd
Coalhauler Swine
Greater Tanuki
Molten Monstrosity

Instants (10)
Band Together
Big Score
Bite Down
Broken Wings
Brute Force
Giant Growth
Return to Nature
Snakeskin Veil
Tamiyo’s Safekeeping
Unexpected Windfall

Sorceries (10)
Alluring Scent
Atraxa’s Fall
Feral Contest
Hunt Down
King Harald’s Revenge
Kodama’s Reach
Pick Your Poison
Warlord’s Fury
You’ve Been Caught Stealing

Artifacts (5)
Hunter’s Blowgun
Arcane Signet
Fire Diamond
Moss Diamond
Trailblazer’s Torch

Enchantments (9)
Laccolith Rig
Sticky Fingers
Madcap Skills
Snake Umbra
Battle Plan
Predatory Impetus
Runes of the Deus
Lands (35)
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
13 Forest
Looming Spires
10 Mountain
Racers’ Ring
Rugged Highlands
Slippery Karst
Smoldering Crater
Terramorphic Expanse
The Autonomous Furnace
The Hunter Maze
Turntimber Grove
Wooded Ridgeline