Tuesday Night Takeover
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Lumbering Megasloth Counters!

Commander (1)
Lumbering Megasloth

Creatures (29)
Experiment One
Ivy Elemental
Servant of the Scale
Spore Frog
Aquastrand Spider
Borderland Explorer
Duskshell Crawler
Kujar Seedsculptor
Nightshade Peddler
Pollenbright Druid
Scrounging Bandar
Adaptive Sporesinger
Deepwood Denizen
Fairgrounds Trumpeter
Heir of the Ancient Fang
Tuskguard Captain
Ambitious Dragonborn
Bloom Hulk
Converter Beast
Crowned Ceratok
Ivy Lane Denizen
Longshot Squad
Peema Outrider
Sporeback Troll
Undergrowth Scavenger
Urban Daggertooth
Wickerbough Elder
Cytospawn Shambler
Dread Linnorm

Instants (11)
Accelerated Mutation
Burst of Strength
Duel for Dominance
Hunger of the Howlpack
Moment’s Peace
Return to Nature
Snakeskin Veil
Stony Strength
Wrap in Vigor

Sorceries (10)
Broken Bond
Carnivorous Canopy
Courage in Crisis
Kodama’s Reach
Rampant Growth
Scale the Heights
Smell Fear
Soul’s Might
Thirsting Roots

Artifacts (9)
Implement of Ferocity
Cloak of the Bat
Moss Diamond
Spare Supplies
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament
Jalum Tome
Whispersilk Cloak
Brass Knuckles

Enchantments (5)
Forced Adaptation
Predatory Hunger
Master Chef
Lands (35)
Captivating Cave
Cave of Temptation
Evolving Wilds
29 Forest
Slippery Karst
Tocasia’s Dig Site
Tranquil Thicket