Tuesday Night Takeover
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Mardu Roughrider Blockless Auras!

Commander (1)
Mardu Roughrider

Creatures (12)
Cathar Commando
Champion of the Flame
Gold Myr
Leaden Myr
Transcendent Envoy
Grim Guardian
Heliod’s Pilgrim
Ironclad Slayer
Monk Idealist
Starnheim Courser
Mardu Warshrieker

Instants (10)
Big Score
Cast Down
Crib Swap
Generous Gift
Grasp of Darkness
Unexpected Windfall

Sorceries (2)
Coronation of Chaos
Seismic Stomp

Artifacts (8)
Arcane Signet
Boros Signet
Orzhov Signet
Rakdos Signet
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament
Mardu Banner
Rakdos Locket

Enchantments (32)
Cartouche of Solidarity
Cartouche of Zeal
Edge of the Divinity
Ethereal Armor
Hyena Umbra
Mortal Obstinacy
Oppressive Rays
Sticky Fingers
All That Glitters
Compulsory Rest
Dragon Breath
Dragon Scales
Fists of the Demigod
Malicious Intent
Nimbus Wings
Spectral Grasp
Cage of Hands
Cartouche of Ambition
Dreadful Apathy
Etali’s Favor
Fencer’s Magemark
Gift of Orzhova
Hostile Realm
Mardu Runemark
Pentarch Ward
Recumbent Bliss
Revoke Privileges
Scourge of the Nobilis
Faith’s Fetters
Gift of Wrath
Lands (35)
Command Tower
Desert of the Fervent
Desert of the Glorified
Desert of the True
Evolving Wilds
Lorehold Campus
Mortuary Mire
Silverquill Campus
Terramorphic Expanse
The Autonomous Furnace
The Dross Pits
The Fair Basilica