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Maw of the Obzedat Tokens Sacrifice!

Commander (1)
Maw of the Obzedat

Creatures (30)
Doomed Traveler
Hunted Witness
Anointer Priest
Butcher Ghoul
Cathar Commando
Gold Myr
Imperious Oligarch
Leaden Myr
Martyr of Dusk
Attended Knight
Cadaver Imp
Desperate Sentry
Ministrant of Obligation
Nadier’s Nightblade
Sandsteppe Outcast
Driver of the Dead
Exquisite Huntmaster
Falkenrath Noble
Gallant Cavalry
Irregular Cohort
Mirkwood Bats
Palace Sentinels
Thraben Sentry
Antler Skulkin
Dread Drone
Eyeblight Cullers
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Tabaxi Toucaneers
Eagles of the North
Pegasus Guardian

Instants (13)
Cast Down
Death Denied
Doom Blade
Feign Death
Go for the Throat
Raise the Alarm
Snuff Out
Supernatural Stamina
Undying Malice
You’re Confronted by Robbers
Your Temple Is Under Attack

Sorceries (10)
Battle Screech
Bone Shards
Call to the Feast
Captain’s Call
Gather the Townsfolk
Night’s Whisper
Read the Bones
Settle Beyond Reality
Sign in Blood
Triplicate Spirits

Artifacts (4)
Arcane Signet
Orzhov Signet
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament

Enchantments (7)
Sadistic Glee
Eternal Thirst
Journey to Nowhere
Nurturing Presence
Oblivion Ring
Omen of the Sun
Lands (35)
Barren Moor
Bojuka Bog
Command Tower
Desert of the Glorified
Desert of the True
11 Plains
Polluted Mire
Scoured Barrens
Secluded Steppe
13 Swamp
The Dross Pits
The Fair Basilica
Tocasia’s Dig Site