Tuesday Night Takeover
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Merchant Raiders Pirates!

Commander (1)
Merchant Raiders

Creatures (26)
Cloud Pirates
Kitesail Corsair
Shipwreck Looter
Shipwreck Sentry
Silver Myr
Talas Explorer
Burdened Aerialist
Captain of Umbar
Reef Pirates
Rishadan Airship
Sailor of Means
Siren Lookout
Trove Tracker
Azure Fleet Admiral
Deadeye Rig-Hauler
Elgaud Shieldmate
Kitesail Skirmisher
Littjara Kinseekers
Storm Sculptor
Talas Air Ship
Talas Lookout
Waylaying Pirates
Prosperous Pirates
Staunch Throneguard
Havengul Skaab
Mirrorshell Crab

Instants (13)
Arcane Denial
Arrester’s Admonition
Brackish Blunder
Depths of Desire
Essence Scatter
Ray of Command
Siren’s Ruse
Spell Pierce
Urza’s Rebuff

Sorceries (9)
Artful Dodge
Deep Analysis
Distant Melody
Lórien Revealed
Pirate’s Prize
Theft of Dreams

Artifacts (11)
Prying Blade
Amorphous Axe
Goggles of Night
Pirate Hat
Sky Diamond
Spare Supplies
Wedding Invitation
Pirate’s Cutlass
Raiders’ Karve
Whispersilk Cloak

Enchantments (5)
Aqueous Form
Sea Legs
Witness Protection
Kasmina’s Transmutation
Fall from Favor
Lands (35)
Command Tower
Desert of the Mindful
Evolving Wilds
Hidden Cataract
24 Island
Lonely Sandbar
Mystic Sanctuary
Path of Ancestry
Skyline Cascade
Terramorphic Expanse
The Surgical Bay
Tocasia’s Dig Site