Tuesday Night Takeover

Rhinar Big Damage Brutes Blitz

“You have proven your strength.”

Art: Rhinar by Wisnu Tan

Rhinar is here! Rhinar is an absolute menace in CC, and while often outshined by the one-arm legend Kayo, Rhinar is still quite strong and is quite the hero. They also work very well within blitz because intimidate can really hurt opponents in a twenty-life format; being able to take away cards and thusly tempo from our opponents can leave them in a bad spot, and because we have huge attacks within the deck, it can be quite tough for our opponents to recover. If you love brute in any format I think you are going to enjoy this one. Without further adieu, let’s get it!


We are a brute, so we have to be doing brute things! Brute things include hitting like an absolute truck and taking out cards from our opponent’s hands, forcing them to take some damage, and absolutely ruining the tempo that most decks try to build. Rhinar’s ability is also a huge part of our gameplan and being able to intimidate our opponents allows us to control the game quite well. We can trigger Rhinar pretty often and are easily able to have turns where we take out two or three cards from our opponent’s hands. Rhinar and brute, in general, are quite busted in formats like Classic Constructed, so having to deal only twenty damage makes our game plan so much quicker. While we put a ton of pressure on our opponents, we have the advantage of a lot of our cards being three blocks, so while we are quite strong offensively, we are quite strong defensively as well.

The Deck:

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
2x Mandible Claw
Scowling Flesh Bag
Barkbone Strapping
Goliath Gauntlets
Beaten Trackers
The Deck:
Pitch 1:
2x Barraging Beatdown (Red)
2x Massacre (Red)
2x Pulping (Red)
2x Rawhide Rumble (Red)
2x Savage Feast (Red)
2x Savage Swing (Red)
2x Show No Mercy (Red)
2x Swing Big (Red)
2x Wild Ride (Red)
Pitch 2:
2x Agile Windup (Yel)
2x Barraging Beatdown (Yel)
2x Bloodrush Bellow (Yel)
2x Mighty Windup (Yel)
2x Reincarnate (Yel)
Pitch 3:
2x Awakening Bellow (Blu)
2x Barraging Beatdown (Blu)
2x Bonebreaker Bellow (Blu)
2x Reckless Swing (Blu)
2x Sand Sketch Plan (Blu)
2x Wrecker Romp (Blu)
Nullrune Boots
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Gloves
Pitch 1:
2x Sink Below (Red)

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Deck Stats:

Deck Overview:

This next section highlights some of the best of the best as well as some of my favorite cards in the deck.

Attack Cards:

Since we are a brute, we have quite a few attacks that can put a ton of pressure on our opponents, especially with cards that allow us to beat chest like Rawhide Rumble (Red) which is not only a huge attack that triggers Rhinar if we beat chest it also intimidates again, this card is honestly madness at only two resources and it is such a strong attack and can ramp up the pressure on our opponents. Savage Feast (Red) is pretty busted as well while we do have to discard a random card and it could be anything we get a strong decently cheap attack that will trigger Rhinar if we hit and we can also draw a card and more card advantage is always good and helps set us up for the next turn. Swing Big (Red) is a great big attack for decently cheap but you do need to be mindful if you haven’t activated Rhinar and this may not hit an opponent the quicken can be very bad for us, so I always recommend to use this card wisely, when its good its really good but if an opponent gets the quicken it can be quite bad. Show No Mercy (Red) is quite the bomb of a specialization and having the instant intimidate and very depending on what we have done before we can easily get the +3 buff which is great because we are a brute more damage is always great.

Non-Attack Cards:

Barraging Beatdown (Red) is extremely strong, so strong that we are running nine copies of this card, its free gives a great buff, and for decks that care about equipment it can be very tough for them to play through this, the red is the most aggressive, but all versions are quite strong, and the intimidate plus the buff we get is awesome. This card is crazy, and I can’t believe it costs zero resources. Bloodrush Bellow (Yel) is as high-roll as we can get and if we do get the six or higher discarded we can just get crazy out of hand and the two cards plus go-again can allow us to output an absolute ton of damage on a turn. Bloodrush is very strong, but on turns where we don’t hit on it, it can feel really bad. Sand Sketch Plan (Blu) is quite the interesting card getting those two action points is pretty easy to do in this deck and since we search our deck for what we want we can easily increase our odds, once we get two more action points the skys the limit on that turn, and we can easily kill an opponent, especially if we have been able to trigger Rhinar. Awakening Bellow (Blu) is a way more defensive card, but it is still great, at its worst it blocks for three and at its best we get a small buff and an intimidate trigger, taking away our opponents cards and card advantage is always quite good.

Equipment and Weapons:

Mandible Claw

Mandible Claw is sweet, so sweet we got them in both of our hands. While it is a little expensive to activate, it’s a great way to finish up a turn and or can also be used in the early game. While it does not have the highest damage, it is great and almost always has go-again.

Scowling Flesh Bag

Scowling Flesh Bag is a headpiece that I don’t see a lot of people running in Blitz, and honestly, it shocks me a little bit; being able to defend and intimidate can really hurt decks that love to attack, react and try to get more benefits or damage in. Scowling Flesh Bag is great on pretty much any turn, and against the right deck, it’s killer.

Barkbone Strapping

Backbone Strapping is another piece of RNG within our deck, and sometimes it is the best of the best, and we get three extra resources, and sometimes it can be quite terrible; this card is pretty great, and even have the option to get more resources is quite strong, may luck be on your side with this one.

Goliath Gauntlets

Goliath Gauntlets is a piece of equipment I love to activate in the late-game as on a turn where we are up and our opponents have been intimidated, we are easily able to overwhelm, and the buff is great, and getting a follow-up attack from the go-again is just amazing.

Beaten Trackers

We get the ability to use Beaten Trackers quite a bit as we are often beating our chest and discarding cards, but when to use this equipment changes all the time; if we have an opponent with low or no cards in hand, it is absolutely worth it to destroy trackers and get that extra action point. This card took me quite a lot of testing to get used to and know when to use it at the right time.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We are good at getting cards out of opponents’ hands and maintaining tempo.
  • We are quite aggressive at all stages of the game and can always be putting pressure on our opponents.
  • Even with only two cards left in our hand, we can cause a ton of damage.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • We can have tough matchups against other brutes, especially Kayo.
  • If we lose tempo and are forced to block out every turn, we can be susceptible to getting out-tempoed and thus losing the game.

Deck Matchups:

Please note: I am still fairly new to the game and haven’t played every hero with this deck. These are just from the games I played and some notes and takeaways I have. Another piece of note is that these are my experiences, and you may not have the exact same success or lack thereof against a certain hero.

Best Matchups:


We really hurt Kassai by intimidating them, and we can out damage them by a lot; while they do have some card advantage, and most decks have a ton of ways to draw cards, we are easily able to intimidate their whole hand and swing fast and hard. I am 7-1 against Kassai in testing.

Victor Goldmane

The matchup against Victor is quite favorable for us; we are pretty good at winning clash, and when we deny Victor those resources, they have quite the uphill battle against us, with the same gameplay strategy of ruining their card advantage as well as beating them in clashes. I am 10-0 against Victor Goldmane.

Worst Matchups:


Kayo is kind of just the better brute; while I am sure I have drummed up some controversy with that statement in testing, I find the Kayo matchup to be tough; they are quicker, and who goes second also really matters in this matchup. I am 3-11 against Kayo in testing and the three games I won I went second so something to keep in mind if presented with that choice.


We typically don’t want to block; sadly, Bravo and most guardians make us block because a good majority of their attacks are quite huge, and we almost always have to block, weakening our hero and the overall gameplan. I don’t like this matchup and find it to be grindy and quite weak for us. I am 2-8 against Bravo.

Inventory Guide:


No Changes, I like the base list in this matchup.

Victor Goldmane

No Changes, I like the base list in this matchup.


+2 Sink Below (Red)

-2 Sand Sketch Plan (Blu)


+2 Sink Below (Red)

-2 Reincarnate (Yel)


Thanks for reading to the end, Blitz is slowly becoming one of my favorite formats and I just cant wait to keep jamming more and more games. Blitz is a lot of different from Classic Constructed but is similar enough that I feel all of these Blitz decks are helping me become a better player in both formats. I love this Rhinar deck a lot and think its going to be the one I take to a bunch of Blitz events. While I don’t like brute in CC I think it is crazy within Blitz and have been having so much fun!