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Runaway Trash-Bot Artifacts Pauper EDH


Art:Runaway Trash-Bot by Nicholas Gregory

Runaway Trash-Bot is a very unpopular commander, and while they aren’t the strongest colorless commander, they are an absolute blast to pilot and perfect for a casual PDH deck. You certainly won’t be blowing the doors off of the format for this one, but it’s a cool card with a fun effect and perfect for a casual table. We have a ton of different ways to draw cards, gain life, and buff up our commander while we wait to get that sweet, sweet commander damage one-shot. This deck is super fun and casual, and my playgroup has been loving this one. Without further adieu, let’s get it!

The Deck:

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Runaway Trash-Bot Artifacts Pauper EDH!

Commander (1)
Runaway Trash-Bot

Creatures (21)
Arcbound Worker
Iron Apprentice
Alpha Myr
Arcbound Stinger
Alloy Myr
Bottle Gnomes
Clockwork Fox
Filigree Familiar
Foundry Inspector
Howling Golem
Myr Adapter
Arcbound Hybrid
Arcbound Bruiser
Staunch Throneguard
Arcbound Wanderer
Myr Enforcer
Sojourner’s Companion

Sorceries (4)
Environmental Sciences
Expanded Anatomy
Introduction to Prophecy
Introduction to Annihilation

Artifacts (39)
Accorder’s Shield
Bone Saw
Cathar’s Shield
Delif’s Cone
Herbal Poultice
Tormod’s Crypt
Welding Jar
Chromatic Sphere
Chromatic Star
Darksteel Axe
Expedition Map
Explosive Apparatus
Golden Urn
Golem-Skin Gauntlets
Spiked Pit Trap
Wanderer’s Twig
Wayfarer’s Bauble
Alchemist’s Vial
Golden Egg
Ichor Wellspring
Mind Stone
Mycosynth Wellspring
Nimblewright Schematic
Prized Statue
Prophetic Prism
Sleeper Dart
Spare Supplies
Wedding Invitation
Ashnod’s Altar
Commander’s Sphere
Golem Foundry
Haunted Cloak
Jalum Tome
Letter of Acceptance
Network Terminal
Whispersilk Cloak
Brass Knuckles
Trailblazer’s Torch
Lands (35)
Captivating Cave
Darksteel Citadel
Forge of Heroes
Tocasia’s Dig Site
Urza’s Mine
Urza’s Power Plant
Urza’s Tower
27 Wastes

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Why Runaway Trash-Bot?

Runaway Trash-Bot is the main win condition for a deck, and they are quite important; they are also built around the commander, so the entire deck is built around our commander being out as well as us using and sacrificing a ton of different artifacts to build them up. They are super-cheap and having them out even in the early game can help us get in some early commander damage and make the late-game kill pretty easy!

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! I also highlighted some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Some of my favorite creatures in the deck are the arcbound creatures because we can easily buff them up, and sacrifice them to cards like Ashnod's Altar and send all of those buffs to our commander. We, of course, have Foundry Inspector, which reduces the cost of nearly every single card in our deck, which is amazing for only three mana. Speaking of great creatures to sacrifice, we also have Clockwork Fox and Filigree Familiar, which are great ways to get some additional cards and life as well as buff up our commander. Since we have so many artifacts, we have some strong affinity creatures that are often free, like Myr Enforcer and Frogmite, as well as the best affinity creature in Sojourner's Companion which is a big body creature and can be a great tutor for the deck if needed.


Well, we only have four sorceries, so let’s talk about all of them! Environmental Sciences is nice and cheap, allows us to grab a Wastes, and gains us some life. One of the biggest benefits of this card is the shuffle, which can help us start to see some new cards from the deck. Expanded Anatomy is another very cheap sorcery for the deck, and the buff almost always goes onto our commander or one of our modular creatures, which typically end up on our commander. Introduction to Annihilation, never fear, we do have removal; while we have one spell, and it costs five and gives an opponent a card, but hey, we are colorless, so we take what we can get. Last but certainly not least in the deck is Introduction to Prophecy, which is the best and pretty much only card draw spell in the deck; we will never say no to Scry’s or card draw.


We have a ton of equipment that are perfect to go on our commander, like Brass Knuckles, Haunted Cloak and Golem-Skin Gauntlets, which make our commander more evasive and much easier to hit and get a commander damage kill on our opponents. Since they have trample, opponents will try to block what they can, which makes Trailblazer's Torch absolutely perfect for the deck. The most important artifact in our deck is Ashnod's Altar since it is a great mana producer and a sac outlet that helps buff up our commander. Beyond that, we have a ton of artifacts that help our commander get huge by sacrificing them, like Spare Supplies, Chromatic Star and Alchemist's Vial as well as a ton more that provide a temporary benefit and a great buff for our commander. Since our commander only gets a power-buff from our artifacts in the graveyard we have some health buffs like Accorder's Shield and Cathar's Shield, which have a great mana cost since they are both free and getting the toughness boost is very nice

Land Base:

Colorless allows us to play a very simple landbase without a ton of the usual card draw and cycling that we typically put in, but there are still some pretty sweet nonbasics. Forge of Heroes and Captivating Cave are both super-sweet lands that we use to buff up our commander and hit even harder. Tocasia's Dig Site is not card draw but allows us to filter dead draws and can help increase the damage of our commander. We also have the Tron lands; we can hit these pretty regularly, especially with cards like Expedition Map in the deck. I have been enjoying this landbase and haven’t had any issues with droughts or flooding with it.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We can deal a ton of damage from our creatures/commander quite easily; in the mid-late game, one-shots from commander damage are quite possible.
  • Through our artifacts, we actually have quite a bit of supplemental card draw throughout the deck.
  • We have a pretty low cost overall, and when we combine that with cheap artifacts and quite a few creatures with affinity, we can fill up our board and put a decent amount of pressure on our opponents quite quickly.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Very weak to graveyard hate, we are pretty screwed if we get hit with a mid or late-game Bojuka Bog.
  • Generally weak to artifact hate.
  • We have almost no way to interact with our opponents in any capacity; this is the main reason why this is a casual deck.

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops in the deck. We are a combat deck through and through and we typically use our commander as well as a ton of artifacts and artifact creatures we can sacrifice to make our commander bigger and better, and at a certain point, we can easily achieve a one-shot on an opponent, its very nice to have built-in trample on our commander as well. We are also able to attack with many of our other creatures, and that can be a viable way to end the game as well.


Runaway Trash-Bot is a pretty sweet commander, sadly we are lacking a huge artifact sac-outlet like Krark-Clan Ironworks, but we still have a ton of ways to sac artifacts and build up our commander and hit like a truck. Runaway Trash-Bot is a cool commander that no one really plays, and I think more should; this deck isn’t particularly strong, but it is unique and quite fun to pilot. I have been having a blast with this one and I hope you all did as well. Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!@