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Shiyana, Diamond Gemini Specializations UPF

“Find light in the beautiful sea; I choose to be happy

Art: Shiyana, Diamond Gemini by Mihail Spil-Haufter


Shiyana is a very fun hero that I have been having an absolute blast with; having access to every hero’s specialization is extremely strong and also quite fun and flavorful. I think this deck is quite political at a UPF table and can get you into some interesting situations and interactions. Shiyana’s ability to copy the target hero is quite strong and allows us to get the inherent benefits of the table; on top of it all, every game we play is different and, depending on the hero makeup of the table, can be good, bad or neutral. If you are looking for an exciting deck that is always a little bit different, then look no further. Without further adieu, let’s get it!

Because UPF is a multiplayer-focused format that is very different from every other Flesh and Blood format, we have not included a comprehensive Inventory Guide and just included a basic breakdown; there is no Best and Worst matchups because so many different decks and strategies are present, it is pretty much impossible to denote something as good or bad. UPF is typically played casually, and that’s the level at which this deck was always played. I hope you enjoy this deck and it serves as a fun addition to your deck arsenal or if you are a new to the format a decently cheap way to get into the format.

The Deck:

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
Shiyana, Diamond Gemini
Flail of Agony
Aurum Aegis
Good Time Chapeau
Fyendal's Spring Tunic
Diamond Hands
Mage Master Boots
The Deck:
Pitch 0:
1x Gorganian Tome
Pitch 1:
2x Bet Big (Red)
2x Coax A Commotion (Red)
2x Crippling Crush (Red)
2x Endless Winter (Red)
2x Show No Mercy (Red)
Pitch 2:
2x Alluring Inducement (Yel)
2x Call Down the Lightning (Yel)
2x Cash In (Yel)
2x Herald of Judgement (Yel)
2x Lesson in Lava (Yel)
2x Star Struck (Yel)
2x The Golden Sun (Yel)
Pitch 3:
2x Ice Eternal (Blu)
2x Northern Winds (Blu)
2x Sonata Fantasmia (Blu)
2x Tales of Adventure (Blu)
2x This Round's on Me (Blu)
2x Up the Ante (Blu)
1x Buzzsaw Trap (Blu)
1x Collapsing Trap (Blu)
1x Spike Pit Trap (Blu)
Nullrune Boots
Nullrune Hood
Snapdragon Scalers
Pitch 1:
2x Oasis Respite (Red)

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Deck Stats:

Attack Cards:

Bet Big (Red) is a huge attack for the deck and we can win the wager against a variety of decks, producing that many tokens is quite strong and can put us far ahead. Crippling Crush (Red) is a huge and expensive attack but we can pretty easily cast it and even the best of the best blocking decks have to block out and if they don’t they have to discard which can be nice. Star Struck (Yel) is a card that’s very similar, and against more aggressive strategies which don’t want to block we can hit for a lot and the crush, effect can be quite devastating. The Golden Sun (Yel) is a great card that interacts really well with our equipment and the overpower can allow us to maximize our damage. Endless Winter (Red) is another extremely strong card that we can easily fuse and force our opponents to be taxed on resources which really hurts our opponents next turn. Up the Ante (Blu) since we are all in on tokens, wagering and because of our equipment suite we can get a ton of value out of up the ante and become a token machine and if we choose the last ability a damage machine as well.

Non-Attack Cards:

Ice Eternal (Blu) is one of the best non-attack actions in the deck and being able to create frostbite tokens and the resource tax can be extremely strong. Northern Winds (Blu) is another absolute ice banger of a card that allows us to freeze an object an opponent controls and against weapon or token heavy heroes it can be extremely strong. Sonata Fantasmia (Blu) is another great mana sink of a card that allows us to create a ton of runechants which can be extremely strong for some additional damage and since six is quite easy for this deck to do we can easily disrupt our opponent’s hands. Tales of Adventure (Blu) is a great way to build some political willpower with our opponents and we can typically get the best of the best out of this. This Round's on Me (Blu) is a great card that can help us build some strong political will with our opponents and small attackers or weapon attack focused heroes can be pretty hurt by this card as well. Cash In (Yel) is perfect with all of our equipment and cards like Bet Big, it provides us a ton of card advantage which is always nice and something we will never say no to.

Equipment and Weapons:

Flail of Agony

Flail of Agony is a very strong weapon for the deck and a great passive damage dealer through the runechants we create, while we are only attack for one many opponents will not want to waste an equipment piece or card in hand to block this allowing us to create runechants which can represent some strong damage in the mid-late game.

Aurum Aegis

While some decks do love to run double flail of agony because we are running both Bet Big (Red) and The Golden Sun (Yel) as well as Cash In (Yel) I think it is well worth it to run this off-hand and have a gold readily available.

Good Time Chapeau

Continuing on with our gold and wager package, Good Time is a great way for us to wager, and against a lot of decks in the format, we can easily win these. making a might and a vigor token is quite strong and helps make our next turn a lot better.

Fyendal's Spring Tunic

absolutely no introduction is needed for Fyendal’s. This card is a powerhouse in nearly every format and is a great passive way to gain resources, and in UPF, it is extra strong because games tend to be very long, allowing us to get multiple activations.

Diamond Hands

Diamond Hands is another awesome piece of equipment that does wonders when we have turns where we are planning on blocking out so we can create diamond tokens and thusly supplemental card draw.

Mage Master Boots

Mage Master is a great piece of equipment when we want to play multiple action cards within a turn, perfect for non-attack actions like Tales of Adventure (Blu) or Ice Eternal (Blu)

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Every time we play this deck, depending on the makeup of the table, this deck is always a little different, which helps keep things fresh and fun.
  • We are quite token producers and have a ton of different benefits for us and ailments for our opponents.

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • We have a lot of expensive cards, sometimes forcing us to pitch out for a big attack.
  • Since we have access to a ton of different specializations we can sometimes get targeted by our opponents quite heavily.


I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did; I have been having so much fun bringing this one to the UPF table every week and have been having an absolute blast. While I think this deck is strong, I certainly play it way more for the fun factor and playing a bunch of different specializations from any class we want, and the copy ability just makes for different as well as fun and interesting games. I have been having so much fun, and if you have a Shiyana deck, I’d love to see your list.