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Slith Firewalker Aggro Pauper EDH

Your strength… extraordinary… The mark of a true Lord.

Art:Slith Firewalker by Justin Sweet

Slith Firewalker is a strong commander who works perfectly for an aggressive deck; being able to come down early and hit hard, and get bigger every time can allow us to have a menacing attacker in the early-game that can transition very well to the mid-late game as well. Slith Firewalker is quite similar to almost every creature in our deck; they are small, aggressive, and have a decent amount of upside; we excel at dealing a ton of damage in the early game and pressuring our opponents from turn one. I have been having a ton of fun with this one as it embodies the classic Red Deck Wins archetype, and while it is a little glass-cannon-esque, it is an absolute blast to pilot. Without further adieu, let’s get it!

The Deck:

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Slith Firewalker Aggro!

Commander (1)
Slith Firewalker

Creatures (31)
Grim Initiate
Impulsive Pilferer
Bloodcrazed Neonate
Bogardan Lancer
Goblin Instigator
Immolating Souleater
Iron Myr
Mayhem Patrol
Mogg War Marshal
Arcbound Tracker
Cinder Pyromancer
Daybreak Combatants
Deputized Protester
Hanweir Lancer
Hissing Iguanar
Manic Vandal
Merry Bards
Spireside Infiltrator
Ardent Elementalist
Beetleback Chief
Chimney Rabble
Crimson Fleet Commodore
Havoc Devils
Stirring Bard
Arcbound Slasher
Panicked Altisaur
Tiamat’s Fanatics
Seismic Monstrosaur
Blitz Automaton

Instants (15)
Balduvian Rage
Big Score
Demand Answers
Goblin Wizardry
Improvised Club
Lightning Bolt
Raking Claws
Searing Spear
Temur Battle Rage
Thrill of Possibility
Uncaged Fury
Unexpected Windfall

Sorceries (11)
Cathartic Reunion
Chain Lightning
Dragon Fodder
Hordeling Outburst
Kaervek’s Torch
Krenko’s Command
Mob Justice
Rally at the Hornburg
Renegade Tactics
Warlord’s Fury
Wrenn’s Resolve

Artifacts (4)
Fire Diamond
Spare Supplies
Wedding Invitation
Jalum Tome

Enchantments (5)
Dragon Mantle
Sticky Fingers
Impact Tremors
Raid Bombardment
Lands (33)
Dwarven Mine
Evolving Wilds
Forgotten Cave
27 Mountain
Smoldering Crater
Terramorphic Expanse
The Autonomous Furnace

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Why Slith Firewalker?

Slith Firewalker is a great asset for our deck; not only do they help us whittle down our opponents and get bigger every time they hit, but they allow us to be ahead in both combat and combat damage through a good majority of the early-mid game, while they likely will get outclassed in the late-game they are a still a great creature to have and only has upside. A commander damage kill is absolutely possible in this deck and In testing I did it quite a few times, being able to chip in for damage early is great and perfect for an aggressive deck. Slith Firewalker is a great asset for our deck and should always be cast on turn two.

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! I also highlighted some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Bloodcrazed Neonate is my favorite creature that we have in the deck. They are essentially a second copy of our commander, and if we cast them on turn two or three, they can get decently big before our opponents have any kind of board established. Bogardan Lancer is another card that is perfect for the early game; they almost always come in as a 2/2, and flanking can matter a lot against a ton of different decks within the format. One of my favorite lines in the deck is turn two commander and then turn three play Daybreak Combatants; while most opponents are casting mana rocks or just setting up, we can hit someone for four commander damage, which can help a ton and effect the game many turns down the line, just a great well-stated card for only three mana. Its not all early-game within our deck, as we have some pretty big creatures that can certainly hold their own and hit hard in combat, like Havoc Devils, Oliphaunt and Panicked Altisaur as well as quite a few others that help us to round out games.


Our instant package has a ton of different ways to combat trick our opponents and hit hard, with two of the best being Temur Battle Rage and Uncaged Fury. These can both allow us to hit for a ton of damage, and these are the best ways to achieve a commander damage kill if we go that route. Balduvian Rage is certainly a great card to have as well, and in the late game can be a great way to turn an initially small attack into a straight-up kill shot! While we are not heavy on removal, we do have a few pieces like Lightning Bolt, Searing Spear, and Improvised Club which are especially awesome because they are quite strong whether we decide to hit an opponent directly or kill one of their creatures.


We have a lot of token production within our sorceries like Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst, which allows us to swing wide and hit harder, and, if against another aggressive deck or any creature-based strategy, gives us the ability to chump block, which can help our higher-value creatures stick on the board. Kaervek's Torch is one of my favorite cards in the deck; not only does it offer us a small degree of counterspell protection, but it is one of the few pieces of removal and allows us to deal a ton of damage, especially in the late-game, just an amazing card to have available. Mob Justice is another bomb of a card that can easily end an opponent’s game on its own; since we typically maintain quite a big board, we are easily able to deal a ton of damage to our opponents with this one, this card is not very known either so we can definitely catch players by surprise with this one!


While we do have Fire Diamond, we are not focused on mana rocks we are mostly focused on drawing a ton of cards with Spare Supplies and Jalum Tome which are amazing sources of card draw and can help us since we often dump our hand and run out of cards quite often. Wedding Invitation is also a source of card draw, but it is so much more than that. Allowing us to make a creature unblockable can be just enough to kill an opponent with commander damage or just regular old combat damage.


Bravado helps a ton when equipped to our commander cause it makes the possibility of the commander damage kill much easier, but this card is truly amazing on any creature as long as we have a decent-sized board. Since we have a high creature count and a decent amount of token producers, we are easily able to hit hard with pretty much any of our creatures with this one. Since we are aggressive and typically attacking in the first couple of turns, we can get a ton of value out of Sticky Fingers, which gives our creature menace, which can matter an absolute ton on the early turns and, more importantly, the extra treasure production helps us speed out our gameplan. It also works amazingly with cards like Dragon Mantle, which are amazing mid-late game manadumps and can help accelerate our damage a lot. Finishing out our enchantment package is Impact Tremors and Raid Bombardment which are great non-combat ways to deal some damage and in the case of raid bombardment can help us a ton even if we don’t hit with our creatures in combat.

Land Base:

Our landbase is not very special; we are running below average at only thirty-three lands, which is perfectly fine because of the low overall cost of the cards of the deck. I have tested this list with only thirty-two lands and find that it is much more inconsistent, and I like it considerably less. Thirty-three lands allows us to not flood or screw very often and still be able to cast all of our stuff within the deck. I like this landbase a lot and think it works very well for the deck.

Strengths of the Deck:

  • We can start pressuring our opponents as early as the first turn.
  • We have quite a few effects that stop our opponents from blocking, which allows us to guarantee damage.
  • Our commander is pure upside, and a commander damage kill is something the deck can easily do!

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Generally weak to creature hate.
  • We don’t have a ton of removal within the deck.
  • We are not the most impressive in combat and can struggle against other aggressive strategies as the game becomes a race.

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops in the deck; we are an extremely aggressive deck that either wins through commander damage or standard combat damage; we try to be attacking and swinging on pretty much every turn and even if it’s for low amounts of damage it can add up substantially over time. One of the biggest advantages of this deck is being able to pressure our opponents from the beginning of the game, always threatening their life total.


Slith Firewalker is just a fun commander and a deck that doesn’t get a ton of love in Pauper EDH, I totally understand as RDW-style decks and aggressive decks are a dime-a-dozen in Pauper EDH, but this deck really is an absolute blast; I have been jamming an absolute ton of games on this one and have been loving it! I hope you all enjoyed this one as much as I did! Thanks for reading to the end and for all of your support!