Tuesday Night Takeover

Sontaran General Aggro Pauper EDH

“I have seen this place… A vision… A battle.”

Art:Sontaran General by Anton Solovianchyk

Sontaran General is a brand new commander who is super strong for PDH! If you are a lover of aggressive or Red Deck Wins strategies this is the deck for you, we are able to utilize the best of the aggressive creatures and with the right cards can easily get a commander damage kill as well! Being able to Goad opponents creatures allows us to have our opponents best creatures not be able to attack us! Sontaran General is an absolute beast and a ton of fun to play! Without further adieu lets get it!

The Deck:

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Sontaran General Aggro PDH TNT!

Commander (1)
Sontaran General

Creatures (29)
Blisterspit Gremlin
Grim Initiate
Impulsive Pilferer
Monastery Swiftspear
Spear Spewer
Goblin Instigator
Hobgoblin Captain
Iron Myr
Mayhem Patrol
Ornithopter of Paradise
Cinder Pyromancer
Hanweir Lancer
Manic Vandal
Plundering Barbarian
Ardent Elementalist
Beetleback Chief
Chimney Rabble
Crimson Fleet Commodore
Havoc Devils
Stirring Bard
Turret Ogre
Arcbound Slasher
Crown-Hunter Hireling
Hagi Mob
Quakefoot Cyclops
Coalhauler Swine
Lava Serpent
Ripscale Predator
Blitz Automaton

Instants (12)
Balduvian Rage
Big Score
Burn Bright
Gorilla War Cry
Lightning Bolt
Mishra’s Onslaught
Temur Battle Rage
Thrill of Possibility
Trumpet Blast
Uncaged Fury
Unexpected Windfall

Sorceries (15)
Assault Strobe
Cathartic Reunion
Crash Through
Dragon Fodder
Flame Rift
Go for Blood
Hordeling Outburst
Krenko’s Command
Mob Justice
Ral’s Reinforcements
Rally at the Hornburg
Renegade Tactics
Warlord’s Fury

Artifacts (6)
Bladed Pinions
Fire Diamond
Wedding Invitation
Jalum Tome
Whispersilk Cloak
Brass Knuckles

Enchantments (3)
Impact Tremors
Raid Bombardment
Lands (34)
Cave of Temptation
Command Tower
Desert of the Fervent
Dwarven Mine
Evolving Wilds
Forgotten Cave
Great Furnace
24 Mountain
Teetering Peaks
The Autonomous Furnace

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Why Sontaran General?

Sontaran General is pretty much the perfect commander for a mono-red deck, allowing us to be a threat with commander damage and Sontaran General also helps with controlling the board with Goad and making it so our opponents best cant attack us. This ability is invaluable and is truthfully game-changing, being able to swing for the fences and do what every red deck wants to do!

Deck Overview:

This section contains information about cards in the deck and how they function within the deck! As well as highlighting some of my favorite cards in the deck!


Since we are a mono-red deck our creatures are the main part of our deck, while we have a lot of strengths in other sections this is the main course! We have a decent amount of early game creatures like Monastery Swiftspear and Grim Initiate which are strong ways to get damage in early and being to set up our board! We also have some strong creatures to play around the third or fourth turn like Hanweir Lancer which is a really strong card that is perfect on really any creature but gets out of hand when placed on Sontaran General! Manic Vandal is especially good against artifact decks but is also just generally pretty good! Quakefoot Cyclops combined with Sontaran General is a really crazy combo that can make combat super easy!

Turret Ogre is a card that is often “turned on” and will allow us to damage all of our opponents which we will never say no to. Stirring Bard is a really strong card that not only lets us take the Initiative but giving a creature menace and haste is an invaluable ability! Ripscale Predator is a really strong late-game creature that hits like an absolute truck. Lava Serpent is a great creature but being able to cycle it for a card is really strong and something that in testing I did pretty often.


Big Score and Unexpected Windfall are really strong ways to draw cards and get some mana production! Gorilla War Cry is a really cool card that I rarely see in PDH but hey we will never complain about giving our creatures menace! Temur Battle Rage and Uncaged Fury are perfect for commander damage kills or finishing off an opponent! Trumpet Blast and Burn Bright are great ways to kill our opponents through combat!


Our sorcery package is where a lot of our token production lies, these are not only perfect for triggering Sontaran General but are also great ways to get more damage in! Some of the best include Hordeling Outburst and Dragon Fodder which are cheap and efficient ways to get more creatures on the field! We also have a lot of “cantrip” style cards which are strong ways to draw cards and make our creatures a little more evasive, some of the best are Renegade Tactics and Rile. Mob Justice can be a great way to one-shot an opponent or kill a huge creature! Fireball is another great way to finish off our opponents or kill a key creature!


Being in mono-red we dont have a ton of mana ramp with our only rock being Fire Diamond, but the lower overall cost of our deck allows us to run “thin” if you will. Bladed Pinions and Brass Knuckles are really strong equipment that can help us do more damage and be a little more evasive when attacking! Wedding Invitation is one of my favorite cards in the format and like always is just damn good! Being able to make a huge creature unblockable and drawing a card for only 2 is just so strong! Jalum Tome is a consistent piece of card draw perfect for when we draw late lands.


We are a red deck so Impact Tremors and Raid Bombardment are really strong ways to damage our opponents for things that we do super often like attacking and having creatures ETB. Bravado is a card that I typically reserve for Sontaran General when going for a commander damage kill but can be really strong in any situation.

Land Base:

We are a mono-color deck so our land-base is nice and simple, being in red we do need a way to draw cards like Desert of the Fervent and Dwarven Mine. Cave of Temptation is another really strong land as buffing really any of our creatures can be pretty strong! Desert is a great “counter” for other aggressive strategies and is a really strong card!

Strengths of the Deck:

  • Easy to win through combat
  • With Sontaran General out our opponents best creatures often can’t attack us
  • Decent amount of card draw

Weaknesses of the Deck:

  • Weak to control strategies
  • Not a ton of interaction
  • Hard to rebuild after mass board destruction

Deck Stats:

Sample Hands:

Main Win Conditions:

There are no infinite combos or loops in the deck we win the game through straight up combat! Just as any aggressive / red deck wins strategy should! We can use cards like Trumpet Blast and Burn Bright are both great boosts to our board and help us round out the game! Sontaran General is obviously our commander and we can get some pretty easy commander damage kills with him especially when combined with Temur Battle Rage and Uncaged Fury for an absolute one-shot!


Sontaran General is a brand new commander who is a ton of fun to play and is a perfect breath of fresh air to the mono-red archetype in PDH! Being able to goad an opponents creatures is something that we can trigger very easily and is a huge benefit. Being able to threaten opponents with commander damage makes Sontaran General super strong! Thanks for reading to the end and thanks for all of your support!