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Top 10 Cards for EDH you should pick up right now!

EDH is a format that has a weird effect on the pricing of cards, cards that are unplayable in any other format can still fetch a high price if they are out of print and heavily used in EDH. By examining cards that are great for EDH and may fetch a higher price later, you can get ahead of the game and get some possible staples before they are too much! Most of these cards fetch a cheaper price while they are still actively being printed! Without Further Adieu lets take a look at ten cards you should pick up in EDH right now!

This is not financial advice just some cards I think people should pick up before they get to expensive!

This list cards that are still in standard and actively printed as well as reprints that are at really low prices and will likely go back up!

Cover Art: Tribute to the World Tree by Kristina Carroll

10. Sting, The Glinting Dagger

Sting is an awesome equipment that not only gives +1/+1 and haste but has the amazing ability to untap the equipped creature on each combat, this is great for really any creature to keep them up as a blocker, but this card really excels with creatures that you want to constantly untap like Krenko, Mob Boss or Captain Sisay I think this card can fit into an absolute ton of commander decks and I think that the 1 dollar price tag for nonfoil and 2 – 3 dollars for foils is a very cheap price for this card, I don’t think this card will ever be 20 or 30 dollars but I think it is a cool card that can definitely see some good play in EDH!

Price Chart:

9. Forge Anew

While initial hype for forge anew pushed the price up to the 30 dollar range, it is now down to around 3 -5 dollars, while this card may not be the non-edh all-star a lot of people expected it to be, I think this card is an absolute auto include in any equipment deck in EDH. I believe one of the main reasons the price is so low is how heavily the set will be open, I think 3-5 dollars is a great price for a staple in pretty much every equipment deck in EDH that has white. Forge Anew just has so much text for only 3 mana not only does it recur equipment and allow you to equip at instant speed it also lets you equip the first equipment for free per turn. This card is amazing in any equipment and I think now is a great time to buy in!

Price Chart:

8. All Will Be One

All will be one, is a sweet combo finisher for an absolute ton of decks like Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin as well as an auto-include in a bunch of other EDH decks as well. Since this card is a mythic I think that the 13 price tag that it currently holds is valid for it still being in print, I believe that this will change once Phyrexia: All Will Be One goes out of print, I believe it is wise to pick up a couple copies of this very overlooked card. All will be one is a two card combo with a bunch of cards and is a win condition for some decks.

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7. Sevinne’s Reclamation

Sevinne’s Reclamation is a really cool card that is super playable in EDH as well as CEDH. Even if you are not playing it for a combo win it is still a very powerful card, Sevinne’s Reclamation has never been that expensive for a card but I think 1 dollar is a great price to pick up a couple regular copies and just have them. Even regular border foil copies go for 2-3 dollars which is also a great pickup. Sevinne’s Reclamation not only has huge implications as a combo piece but since it can target any permanent can be a great way to recur key permanents from the graveyard!

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6. Ozolith, the Shattered Spire

Ozolith, The Shattered Spire is super awesome card for any deck that likes +1/+1 counters, while Ozolith is very similar to cards like Hardened Scales it has added abilities that make it arguably better than those cards, being able to cycle it as needed can be great if you are playing a deck that struggles to draw cards. also being able to put a +1/+1 which is actually a +2/+2 for only 1G. This card currently sits at around 5 dollars, and I think that is pretty low for this card and I would reccomened picking up a couple copies just to have, it is an allstar in really any +1/+1 Counter deck like Ezuri, Claw of Progress or Shalai and Hallar. I think Ozolith is going to be a staple in any deck that cares about +1/+1 counters and is a great time to pick it up!

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5. Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea

Gwenna is a super sweet mana dork that is on par with cards like Shaman of Forgotten Ways but has an added element that sets this creature apart, being able to untap and buff it when cast a creature with power 5 or greater can be a great way to chain big permanents on a single turn. Gwenna is sitting pretty low at only around 3 dollars for a non-foil copy and I believe that once out of print this will fetch a higher price this card is absolutely perfect in decks like Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma and Surrak, the Hunt Caller I think that Gwenna is at a low right now and it would be good to pick up a few copies if you ever want to build that big green stompy deck!

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4. Plaza of Heroes

Plaza of Heroes is a really sweet multicolor land that is an absolute all-star in commander and allows you to tap for any color to cast a legendary permanent. Whether you are using it simply to cast a multicolor commander or in a legendary focused deck like Captain Sisay or Jodah, the Unifier this card is great in the right deck, this is one of the more expensive cards in our last averaging around 7-8 dollars for a non-foil copy but is a really sweet card that will see play throughout commander and other formats, I think this card will become expensive later so it is not a bad idea to have a couple of these laying around!

Price Chart:

3. Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of Bounty

Birgi is a really sweet legend from Kaldheim that has so much combo potenital and sees a bunch of play already in EDH, at more casual tables and at CEDH tables. While Birgi’s flipside is typically never used she provides a great combo outlet and can also make a lot of mana and is perfect for really any combo, while in the past we have seen Birgi as high as 10 bucks for a nonfoil copy, I think Birgi is a great pickup at 7-8 dollars for a nonfoil copy. This card sees a large amount of EDH / CEDH play and I dont expect that to change anytime soon!

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2. Maskwood Nexus

Maskwood Nexus is a really sweet card that gives all of your creatures in all zones changeling this can be especially good when cards care about certain creature types like Kaalia of the Vast. This card is great for really any deck that cares about creature type, non foil copies are around 2-3 dollars and this card has been reprinted before but is still a great cheap pickup and can be great for any deck that benefits or cares about creature types!

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1. Tribute to the World Tree

Tribute to the World Tree was not released that long ago and is already in a bunch of EDH decks, it is a great utility card that draws cards for bigger creatures and buffs smaller creatures, this card really has no downside and is a great card and auto-include for pretty much any deck that has creatures and can play it. Non-Foil copies are currently sitting at around 7 bucks a piece and I believe once this card goes out of print the price will skyrocket, I believe Tribute is on the same level as something like Anointed Procession or Smothering Tithe where they were cheap when in print and now fetch quite a high price!

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