Tuesday Night Takeover
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Aragorn, The Uniter $200 Legends!

Commander (1)
Aragorn, the Uniter

Creatures (20)
Avacyn’s Pilgrim
Birds of Paradise
Frodo Baggins
Hajar, Loyal Bodyguard
Hero of Precinct One
Merry, Esquire of Rohan
Ruby, Daring Tracker
Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
Faeburrow Elder
Fallaji Wayfarer
Gimli of the Glittering Caves
Gloin, Dwarf Emissary
Gylwain, Casting Director
Legolas Greenleaf
Elrond, Master of Healing
Eowyn, Fearless Knight
Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain
Gandalf the White
Rienne, Angel of Rebirth

Sorceries (13)
Call for Aid
Expressive Iteration
Genesis Ultimatum
Now for Wrath, Now for Ruin!
Rampant Growth
Reborn Hope
Revive the Shire
Skyshroud Claim
Time Wipe
Urza’s Ruinous Blast

Instants (11)
Arcane Denial
Azorius Charm
Beast Within
Boros Charm
Brokers Charm
Growth Spiral
Jeskai Charm
Stroke of Midnight
Unbreakable Formation
You Cannot Pass!

Artifacts (12)
Fellwar Stone
Sword of the Animist
Talisman of Conviction
Talisman of Progress
Thought Vessel
Chromatic Lantern
Relic of Legends
Door of Destinies
Doors of Durin
Heroes’ Podium
Tome of the Guildpact

Enchantments (6)
Bard Class
Mana Cannons
Rising of the Day
War of the Last Alliance
Whirlwind of Thought
Virtue of Knowledge
Lands (37)
Battlefield Forge
Castle Ardenvale
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
Exotic Orchard
Furycalm Snarl
Glacial Fortress
Hinterland Harbor
Mines of Moria
Mystic Monastery
Pillar of the Paruns
Plaza of Heroes
Port Town
Prairie Stream
Rejuvenating Springs
Restless Bivouac
Restless Spire
Restless Vinestalk
Rogue’s Passage
Seaside Citadel
Spectator Seating
Sulfur Falls
Sunpetal Grove
The Grey Havens
The Shire