Tuesday Night Takeover
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Link to Article Here: Dorinthea $10 Hatchets Commoner Deck Tech

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Hero / Weapon / Equipment
Hatchet of Body
Hatchet of Mind
Ironrot Helm
Blossom of Spring
Gallantry Gold
Refraction Bolters
The Deck:
Pitch 1:
2x Agile Engagement (Red)
2x Blade Runner (Red)
2x Engaged Swiftblade (Red)
2x Hit and Run (Red)
2x Ironsong Response (Red)
2x Lead with Speed (Red)
2x Push Forward (Red)
2x Second Swing (Red)
2x Sharpen Steel (Red)
2x Thrust (Red)
2x Vigorous Engagement (Red)
Pitch 2:
2x Blade Runner (Yel)
2x Hit and Run (Yel)
Pitch 3:
2x Blade Flash (Blu)
2x Blade Runner (Blu)
2x Hit and Run (Blu)
2x Lead with Speed (Blu)
2x Puncture (Blu)
2x Push Forward (Blu)
2x Sharpen Steel (Blu)
Pitch 1:
2x Sink Below (Red)
Pitch 3:
2x Brandish (Blu)
Nullrune Hood
Nullrune Gloves