Tuesday Night Takeover
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Tempting Licid Fight Club!

Commander (1)
Tempting Licid

Creatures (39)
Elvish Berserker
Joven’s Ferrets
Bitterblade Warrior
Corrosive Ooze
Elvish Hunter
Nightshade Peddler
Pygmy Troll
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Tangle Asp
Thornweald Archer
Toxic Scorpion
Armored Transport
Cave Tiger
Ichorspit Basilisk
Jangling Automaton
Jewel-Eyed Cobra
Rot Wolf
Serpent-Blade Assailant
Yavimaya Elder
Snorting Gahr
Venomous Dragonfly
Wolverine Pack
Beanstalk Wurm
Berserk Murlodont
Elfhame Wurm
Entourage of Trest
Greater Basilisk
Rabid Elephant
Rabid Wolverines
Thresher Beast
Tyrranax Atrocity
Watcher in the Web
Greater Tanuki
Skyscythe Engulfer
Annoyed Altisaur
Dread Linnorm
Oakgnarl Warrior
Eldrazi Devastator
Ulamog’s Crusher

Instants (10)
Emerald Charm
Hunter’s Ambush
Inspire Awe
Lace with Moonglove
Moment’s Peace
Poison the Blade
Ram Through
Return to Nature
Terrifying Presence
Wrap in Vigor

Sorceries (3)
Nature’s Lore
Skyshroud Claim

Artifacts (6)
Jousting Lance
Moss Diamond
Wedding Invitation
Bonder’s Ornament
Trailblazer’s Torch

Enchantments (6)
Gift of the Woods
Talons of Wildwood
Beastmaster’s Magemark
Snake Umbra
Lands (35)
Cave of Temptation
Command Tower
Desert of the Indomitable
Evolving Wilds
26 Forest
Khalni Garden
Slippery Karst
The Hunter Maze
Tranquil Thicket
Turntimber Grove