Tuesday Night Takeover
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Link to Article Here: Trelasarra, Moon Dancer Selesyna Lifegain Pauper EDH

Trelasarra, Moon Dancer Lifegain!

Commander (1)
Trelasarra, Moon Dancer

Creatures (34)
Elvish Mystic
Essence Warden
Jaddi Offshoot
Llanowar Elves
Lunarch Veteran
Soul Warden
Soul’s Attendant
Thraben Inspector
Cathar Commando
Dawnbringer Cleric
Devoted Druid
Impassioned Orator
Kazandu Nectarpot
Kor Skyfisher
Mesa Unicorn
Sky Crier
Suture Priest
Aven Riftwatcher
Celestial Unicorn
Filigree Familiar
Grazing Gladehart
Inspiring Overseer
Kindly Ancestor
Llanowar Visionary
Social Climber
Heron of Hope
Seraph of Dawn
Aerie Ouphes
Barrenton Medic
Entourage of Trest
Eagles of the North
Flourishing Hunter
Sunblade Angel
Boulderbranch Golem

Spells (15)
Nature’s Claim
Dawn Charm
Feed the Clan
Return to Nature
Crib Swap
Generous Gift
Kodama’s Reach
Lead the Stampede
Terashi’s Grasp
Your Temple Is Under Attack
Spectral Reserves

Artifacts (5)
Arcane Signet
Selesnya Signet
Bonder’s Ornament
Pristine Talisman

Enchantments (10)
Ajani’s Mantra
Journey to Nowhere
Khalni Heart Expedition
Quiet Disrepair
Armadillo Cloak
Chains of Custody
Oblivion Ring
Presence of Gond
Faith’s Fetters
Lands (35)
Arctic Treeline
Blossoming Sands
Botanical Plaza
Command Tower
Drifting Meadow
Evolving Wilds
Gingerbread Cabin
13 Plains
Secluded Steppe
Sejiri Steppe
Selesnya Guildgate
Slippery Karst
Thornglint Bridge
Tranquil Thicket